I pit the 5 minute Edit rule.

I always think of the better stuff after I’ve already “talked.” I need to expound, clarify, add to.

“Just gimme the chance to 'splain!”

Anybody else?

It can be irritating; but it’s even more irritating to try to argue with someone who goes back and edits his post you are trying to debate and then pretends it always said what it does now.

When I’m on my phone I sometimes don’t notice that autocorrect MILF.

*malfunctions. Goddamn it.

I have to

agree, I guess.


I like the five minute rule. It’s one of my favorite things about this board.

It’s too bad you’re only allowed to post once per thread.

I do too. I’ve been a moderator on 2 different boards, (one of which was the official message board of one of the popular MMORPGs out there), and admin for a smallish board dedicated to gamer girls. Having the time limit really does cut down on trollish posts.

I was actually happy to get the 5 minute window; when I first joined the board there was no editing at all.

Right - this is an improvement allowing you to correct mistakes while retaining the spirit of having to stand by your post.

Like **Czarcasm **said, it’s not like you can’t follow up to yourself. In fact it tends to be appreciated if a poster comes back to defend, reaffirm or clarify.

I like it too. I always, always, always have to go back and correct a typo.

Really. No editing at all? That would

be a bummer.

I was under the impression that multiple posts were frowned upon. Isn’t it sometimes questioned?

You can’t post twice in under 60 seconds (even to multiple threads).

Only if it’s extreme. If you forgot a point and want to add more that’s just normal posting activity.

I think sometimes it’s hard to sit and compose because by the time you post the thread has advanced beyond the point you were making. In active threads, that is.

So you update your older post and no one reads the changes because the fast moving thread has moved on?