I pit the American PR arm of ISIS and murderous Muslim Radicals.

It’s called The White House.

What a bunch of short-sighted douchebag apologists.

From Florida Statute 365.171, Subsection 12 (in part):

I would say the transcripts have to be released in their entirety … less the info above.

ETA: Florida State Constitution, Article 1, Section 24, subsection (a):

I’m assuming you’ll not be voting Democrat this Fall?

Got anything not from a paranoid right-wing mouthpiece?

If you have information indicating that the information is incorrect and the transcript will, in fact, include references to Allah, etc., you’re free to provide that information.

Or has not Allah given you the wisdom to know how to do so?

May the blessed Baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind.

For what it’s worth, the DoJ has apparently reversed the mind-bogglingly stupid decision.

Good. That decision was, as you so aptly put it, mind-bogglingly stupid.

Great news. A good day for sane Americans; a bad day for the Ministry of Propaganda.

But we should all take note that the mindset that dreamed up that stupidity, and it’s defense, is a dangerous open in and of itself.

Here’s another account from that notorious paranoid right-wing mouthpiece, CNN:

“The transcript also shows Mateen spoke to the dispatcher in Arabic and that he pledged allegiance to an organization and an individual during the call, but the transcript does not include those names…
CNN has previously reported that Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS during a 911 call from the gay nightclub, according to a U.S. official…
White House spokesman Josh Earnest defended the decision (to redact part of the transcript).
“The decision about the release of the transcripts is one that was made solely by the Department of Justice and the FBI officials. They’re doing that consistent with their assessment about the best way to advance the investigation,” he said.
Authorities also defended the decision, saying it was meant to avoid lending credence to terrorist leaders.
“We’re not going to propagate their rhetoric, their violent rhetoric,” FBI Special Agent Ron Hopper said.”

Uh, maybe we should hear that violent rhetoric to get a better idea what we’re up against?

Good to see that the whole transcript will now be released, even if the government had to be embarrassed into doing it.

You don’t have to keep proving that you are an idiot. We get it already.

Excuse me, but as a minister of an anti-terrorist sect (aka Zen Lutherans), I’d like to point out that while the Baby Jesus is sufficient to shut the mouths of most mortals, the Willfully Closed-Minded require bringing out the big guns.

Let us pray: "Dear All Grown Up Jesus…"

The transcript is not the issue. Breitbart blindly supporting Trump and using the transcript to monger fear is the issue.

Martyrdom statements are ISIL’s most potent recruiting and propaganda weapon, so of course the conservative whackadoos want to give it to them. It would be a shame if ISIL died on the vine before anybody got to have a wargasm over it.

I used to know this mentally challenged person who had this sensory stimulation thing about hearing the word “hambone.” He would bug people to say it over and over. I think you Repubs have the same issue with the phrase “radical Islam”. We need to set up a 900 number and make some money off this thing.

Craven cowardice of the PC Left.

Originally posted nearly two years ago, sadly still appropriate:

Or you grow testicles and relay to the public accurate information.

Jesus H. Christ, people. It was a stupid decision, that’s all. It doesn’t need to be attacked as Obama being the PR voice of ISIS, and it doesn’t need to be defended as if the right wing will win the internets otherwise. Fuck!

It was just a stupid decision that was wrong and has been reversed. That’s all. It’s not the end of the fucking world.

Yeah! And those lily-livered pussies wouldn’t even dig their heels in, when called on it.

The only thing more abhorrent to God-fearin’, right-leanin’ Americans than making a bad decision is reversing a bad decision. Buncha wishy-washy poltroons, never heard of “staying the course.”

Meanwhile in an alternate universe in which the whitehouse did release all of the shooters ramblings to 911.

With the link going to a Breitbart website complaining the Obama administration was promoting the shooters agenda by publicizing his statements.

More proof of Obamas incompetence. Thank goodness he won’t be around to screw up the country for much longer.