I pit the entire republican party


Am I missing anything here? The republican party consistently drives the country into a deeper and deeper ditch (the two times since Carter where Democrats have run the white house and congress, we have had serious deficit reduction; every republican president since Carter has broken records on deficit size), then when they hit bedrock they blame the people who have been building a ladder out of the ditch. The republican party held our financial stability hostage in order to play politics, and then when the democrats didn’t completely fold, they started blaming them for “not being willing to compromise” (never mind that the democrats did compromise, again, and again, and again). I honestly think that nobody should really be able to question it at this point-the republican party is entirely responsible for the downgrading of our credit.

How the fuck could anyone still be stupid enough to vote for these clowns? Why is Boehner not being tried for treason? What the fuck happened, America?

Go look up the definition of treason. Dumbass.

Am I exaggerating slightly? Yes. Does the rest of my post still stand? Right back at ya, dumbass. :rolleyes:

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On topic, anyone?

Yes, you missed the part where infighting within the Democratic party destroyed meaningful healthcare reform and stimulus spending. For every case of “GOP opposes all of them” a huge chunk of the Democrats opposed all of them too.

You also missed the part where the Democratic party ran John Kerry, the guy lost to GWB for Christ’s sake.

The only difference between the two parties is that one has party unity. You’ll notice now that unity has been shaken, so it’s possible there’s hope for the future.

Funny. I was raised GOP, & I wouldn’t vote GOP on a bet now.

The Democrats are not actively hostile to all regulation for the public health and safety: EPA, OSHA, SEC, etc. The GOP are against all of those, & the T.E.A. Party want to abolish every government agency with letters in its name.

That’s a pretty big difference. Yes, both parties are heinous enemies of mankind; but that’s just because the USA is a heinous enemy of mankind, the far right evil empire that seeks to use and abuse the world like a box of Kleenex.

Modern Republicanism gives their supporters the luxury of higher spending, lower taxes and the feeling of fiscal responsibility without the psychological burden of elementary school arithmetic. It’s not that Republican voters are evil or stupid: they simply lack character.

Their news sources are consistently shown to be factually challenged: but some find them so very very reassuring and their sensitive dispositions favor sweet prevarications over scary facts and tough minded analysis. Now liberals understand that the weak willed require emotional protection: I’m just saying that Tea Partiers should stick to cosplay and leave the policy making to their emotionally sturdier countrymen.

Oh, I think a lot congresscritters will be wondering where their support went come the next election.

At this point, I am so disgusted by Republicans that I’m going to have a hard time voting for one for quite some time.

I want to make some donations to the Dems. Where is the place that will make the best use of my money? The National Democrat party, the DNC, The DSCC, the DNCC, or something like Act Blue?

My personal opinion would be that the money would be most effectively spent by contributing it directly to candidates that are in close races.

That said, I think you’re better off just spenidng it on booze.

…and you will want to do this after primary season is over next year.

To find the close elections, this site gives a roundup of various political analysts:

Among political analysts, I like Charlie Cook:

But you probably don’t want to make a big project of this. The DCCC helps the House, which conveniently is where the nuttiest of the conservative nutjobs reside.

I just found this (sub) blog today:

What about this “Contract for The American Dream”- Progressive Groups Unveil 'Contract For The American Dream' | HuffPost Latest News

I like what I’m seeing there.

Moveon.org is a viable choice. Networking with them can also give you an idea which candidates (swing, I hope) to support in 2012.

oh for the love of the deity of your choice…these are people who think the book of genesis is science. how much can you honestly expect from the republicans?