I pit the following "cutesy" holiday nicknames

I bet you’re lots of fun at parties!

I thought Andy Rooney was dead!

Why do they insist on calling New Year’s Eve “Get drunk and fuck night”?

My oven, which is about 4 years old, doesn’t even HAVE a clock on it. Weird, huh? No timer either. I do have to set the clocks on my microwave, alarm clock, Kindle, and car stereo though.

What does bug me is how the news always, ALWAYS calls snow “the white stuff” here in Seattle. I swear they say it more than they say “snow”. Do they do that other places too or is it just because of our weird excitability about snow?

You forgot “Presidents’ Day” which is just a made up name for the official Federal Holiday that is called “Washington’s Birthday”.

I love Black Friday and Cyber Monday because I love shopping! This year I am sad because I have almost finished my holiday shopping and I can’t really justify buying more stuff, but I am definitely planning to hit the mall this weekend just to enjoy the frenzy. This morning I went online book shopping at Amazon and downloaded 14 book samples to my Kindle.

I would not be able to function without “spring forward, fall back,” “righty tighty lefty loosey,” and “thirty days hath September.”

I moved from Saskatchewan (which does not mess with the clocks) to Alberta (which does) as an adult. Without “spring forward, fall back,” I would have had no idea what to do with the clocks twice a year. I still hate it, for the record. I hate the sun going down at three in the afternoon in winter.

“Turkey Day” is stupid, I’ll give you that one. It’s Thanksgiving, and it wouldn’t hurt any of us to remember to be thankful for the great lives we have.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

That happens when DST ends

I’m not sure what your point is; I hate messing with the clocks - I want to pick the one that doesn’t have the sun going down at 3 pm and stick with it.

My point is that the sun goes down at 3pm because that’s what time it is. Daylight saving time has nothing to do with it. We’re not ON daylight saving time. If you don’t want the sun setting that early, move south.

You’re over a month late! (you did say everyone)

Just because I occasionally refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the day for what it’s supposed to be, and that I’m not grateful for the very good life I lead. I abhor the encroachment of Christmas (or Giftmas, to use another irritating cutesy but appropriate name), and I love and am thankful for turkeys and the fine meals they contribute to.

Who said it doesn’t?

Actually, no. Cutesy definitely has a distinct meaning which is different than cute - it almost always implies condescension toward the thing being labeled as cute.

Ah, okay, I got it now. What I want is to stay on daylight savings time, then. :slight_smile:

Indiana (or maybe just my part of it) just went to DST a few years back. “Spring forward/fall back” just doesn’t compute in my brain. If the paper didn’t have an illustration of a clockface with an arrow that basically implies, “Move your hour hand this way, you moron” I’d never know which way to change my clocks. Thank goodness my cellphone changes automatically (the alarm function doesn’t, though, which presents a whole new problem.)

Meh… I guess it does sort of dodge the idea of what the holiday is supposed to be about, in that it focuses on the feast aspect more than the thankfulness, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother me all that much. Probably because I’ve never really been that big of a fan of Thanksgiving anyway.

I’ve never worked retail, but many of my friends have, and I can appreciate this as apt to the hell that those people go through. And I suppose the name actually does make sense from an economic perspective too, in that it’s the day that many retailers may begin to hope that they’ll stop running in the red and be back in the black. Its not a holiday though, but it has enough cultural significance that it probably deserves a more concise name than “the day after Thanksgiving”.

This, I do object to, but only because it’s monumentally stupid. It’s just trying to cash in on the idea of Black Friday, but the name is lacking any cleverness. And being internet shopping, there’s not really any meaningful incentive to encourage people to shop on one day over another. For stores, it makes sense to have competing sales and have more people working, since it’s a day a lot of people take off, but doing that on the internet means it just bogs down the servers and as long as they promise shipment before Christmas, it really shouldn’t matter what day you shop online.

Meh… I suppose the French name is part of what makes it what it is, and while that is the largest celebration on that day, it’s really just the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, so celebrations of that day have been going on since long before the Mardi Gras tradition started. So, sure, if you’re refering specifically to Mardi Gras, then calling it Fat Tuesday is a little pretentious, but if you’re refering to the day in general… who cares.

This is dumb mostly because different people have different days for them. For some, the start of summer is the last day of school which, of course, is on different days in different places. For others it’s Memorial Day Weekend. For others it’s June 1. For the end of summer, most seem to go by Labor Day, especially since many schools start up the day after or the Monday before. Others go with the school day. Others go with September 1. Either way, it’s dumb because no one agrees, and if everyone agreed, it would be official since even the “official” ones of the solstices/equinoxes are only really meaningful astronomically, and not so much culturally or climatically.

Huh? I’ve never heard anyone refer to those days by those names. I’ve heard that used as a mneumonic device, and I think its useful since everyone remembers that they have to change their clocks by an hour, but it’s not necessarily intuitive which direction to change it. And sure, my phone, computer, car, and cable box all set themselves automatically, but my wall clocks, alarm clock, and microwave do not. So, no, it’s not cutesy at all, because it’s functional.

Now, this one does bother me. What exactly is patriotic about a terrorist attack? The only other day that’s comparable is Pearl Harbor, and it’s just called Pearl Harbor Day. Admittedly, 9/11 is more recent and it’s a little bit too complicated to refer to the events by 2-3 words and 9/11 has pretty much stuck as the way that we refer to it. At the same time, I don’t recall anyone ever calling it Patriot Day, so I guess it’s not really all that bad.

I still need this one, and so do several other people in my social circles. Anyway, it isn’t a nickname, cutesy or no. It’s a useful mnemonic.

What’s Cyber Monday?

An attempt to focus the shopping efforts of on-line shoppers on the Monday after Black Friday. I think it dates back to the time when computers/high speed internet at home weren’t a given, and people would do their shopping at work on Monday, when access to a computer (or high speed internet) was more prevalent.

On-line retailers will offer special deals (or what they purport to be special deals) on that day.

I’m going to make your head explode with these terms that I use:

T-day (Thanksgiving or Turkey Day)
B-day (Birthday)
X-a-muth (My B-day)