I pit the GOP for considering the inarticulate Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

This guy simply must not be third in line for the presidency. He’s as incoherent as Sarah Palin. They could be named King and Queen of incoherence.

Hungria is a country? Who knew?

“All the while keeping the place of the band on America”.

How the hell did he even get the GOP nomination in his district?

Maybe he’s had a stroke recently.

If the GOP made “must be smart” a requirement for lofty GOP positions, they would end up having to outsource the jobs.
(God I love “I can’t stand the GOP” threads!)

I seem to remember Hungry being commonly referred to as Hungaria back in the 1950’s. I think folks took it from Hungarian. Hard to believe this is still happening.

You’d be inarticulate too if you’d seen what he’s seen. You’re next!

Boehner got McCarthy in as Majority Leader after Cantor left as a way to check the Tea Party contingent and because he knew he’d be loyal. For better or worse, this leaves him in the best position to follow Boehner as speaker.

The really terrible thing is that he’s clearly reading his speech; that’s what he wrote down to say.

He’s not stumbling because he’s speaking on the fly, he chose those words.

Which demonstrates Boehner’s no genius either.

Amazing! Those who haven’t clicked the link, do so. Summary cannot do justice to the man’s stupidity.

(And from the Triva Desk: Although the Huns under Attila made the Hungarian Plain their base, Hungary isn’t named after the Huns; it’s named after the Magyars, who were sometimes called Oungroi, a corrupted name for a Bulgar tribe allied with the Magyars.)

He looks the part. Isn’t that the most important?

Not to worry, He would be 2nd in line.

Holy Fucking FUCK! :eek:

What does it matter how articulable he is? Isn’t it more important how loyalized he is to America?

Alternately, the speech was written for him and all those big fancy words are too complicated for him to wrap his tongue around.

"The band, Elwood!!! The Band!!

And here is a link to the original source, The Rachel Maddow Show :

I think I know who writes his statements.

Don’t be so superficial. The real question is has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Look, you shouldn’t put somebody down just because you can’t get behind what they’re in to!

This reminded me of a repeating conversation I had when I went into the Air Force. Someone, usually from the Mid-West but some Southerners too, would see my last name and say something like, “Is that an Eyetalian name?” Before I would correct them that it was a Sicilian name (I still remember, Grandma!), I would first tell them that there is no country pronounced Eyetaly (or I might try to get them to name the country, which they would usually, if not always, pronounce correctly).

Heh. Being an inarticulate doofus isn’t that much of a handicap in Congress. Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden are famous for fumble-mouthing, but, my God, I wish we had more Senators like them!

(“A verb, Senator! We need a verb!” Best Doonesbury strip ever!)

Seriously, for the very ignorant, what “stripe” is McCarthy? Foaming-at-the-mouth neocon, or someone who comprehends compromise?


It was only recently that I stopped saying vie-EE-nee sausages, and I still say lime-uh beans.