I pit the media for giving Trump all that free advertising

Always talking about the racist things he said, or absurd plans he had, or giving him over an hour to run a commercial for Trump Steak on a primary night. And people just ate it right up! Pretty much every candidate in history has had to work hard to get their message out. Not Trump. The media just gave him whatever he wanted. It’s free speech, and they can endorse whoever they want. I’m just shocked every outlet seemed to choose Trump.

True to a point. They should have cut away when he started his QVC imitation. He got way more coverage at the start than he deserved, but when he started to rise, they couldn’t very well ignore him.

They could have given equal time to his deeds, instead of concentrating on his words. The habitual lying(posing as other people to promote himself) would have been as career-buster for any other candidate…so why isn’t that and the scam that was Trump University brought up during his interviews or whenever the news covers his speeches?

But, getting his message out (that he is a racist, ignorant blowhard with absolutely no ability to function as President) is a Good Thing. More people should see it!

Yeah, doing that way has certain brought his numbers down! :rolleyes:
NEVER let the subject spin his own story-if you can’t ask the questions that need to be asked, you just don’t give the person you are reporting on the microphone and a free pass.

I really don’t understand why the media does not routinely call Trump on his outrageous blatant fibs, and the fact he changes his stories faster than his socks.

Are they just gobsmacked by how egregious his lying is? They just can’t believe it, so they just report it, open-mouthed and stunned?

It does not help when the media shows 30 minutes of an empty podium because Trump might show up at some point.

The media report what people want to hear about, and what people want to hear about it Trump. This is because Trump is a master at saying attention getting things. Basically, he is walking talking clickbait. “Seven shocking things that you don’t know about Mexicans”, “Get rid of ISIS with this one simple trick”.

If one media outlet stops reporting on him they are instantly going to lose market share to the others that do. Sure he’s bad for democracy, but when push comes to shove democracy has to take second fiddle to keeping the lights on in the news room.

Far better to Pit the human nature that makes us unable to turn our gave away from a grisly train wreck.

…Even when we are on the train at the time of the wreck.

What’s shocking and revealing about America isn’t that there’s a narcissistic megalomaniacal buffoon running for POTUS, but the stunningly large proportion of the electorate (as much as a third, or more) is actually lining up behind this self-promoting ignorant swine.

What was initially an amusing sideshow has become the main event under the big circus tent.

Media cannot be entirely blamed for this. Not when so many people are buying into the vapid hype and rhetoric. Trump isn’t what’s wrong with this fuck-show. No. What’s wrong is the fertile ground in which this poison is permitted and encouraged to thrive.

Of course, even when the media tells us starkly that Trump is just bullshitting, that does not seem to matter. They use “soft words” to tell us that he’s full of shit. His fans seem to adore spooning all that crap up.

And even when the media reports that Trump has once again bullshit everyone about the crowd size, nobody seems to care:

Why don’t they simply say “Trump lies about crowds at rally”? Period? Why do they try to present “both sides”. The number estimate from the organizer is reality. Trumps number is simply insane. Don’t even dignify it.

It’s easy to blame Trump or the media, but they’re symptoms of the mouth-breathers turning Idiocracy into a god damn documentary. I don’t have Pitting energy left for them, I’m down to despair transitioning into indifference.

If he gets in, you can blame the Republicans in power that caved in, and the card-carrying Republicans that voted for him. Those loud yahoos at his rallies don’t number that high, and they only get one vote each-If he gets in, it’s because the average Republican put him there.

And the *average *Democrat who didn’t turn out to vote because they’re disgusted with Hilary.

“But that’s none of my business.” - Kermit the Frog

And here’s an example of one of those Republicans:

Mike has no problem with Trump insulting McCain earlier this year, when Trump said that he he liked “people who weren’t captured” in wars. So he’s fine with Trump insulting a POW, and embraces an empty, vacuous slogan with no substance whatsoever. Nice.

Disgust with the establishment is understandable, and maybe Hillary isn’t that likable. But yeah, a Bernie supporter who thinks there is no difference between Hillary and Trump and chooses not to vote may indeed deserve more ire than your average ignorant xenophobic racist.

Maybe we will have learned our lesson here in Maine. Replace “President” with “Governor” and you have described Paul Lepage.

I pit the idiots who listened to Trump’s nonsense and then went and voted for him anyway.

I don’t blame the media for reporting on strange events, like a crazy reality star being one step away from the presidency.

Yeah, I mean it’s true the media are just trying to give the people what they want but THAT was particularly bad. Even just cutting off the other events and going to Trump when he did show up and start speaking I could buy, but that was ridiculous. What we have there are a couple of the problems with the press in our generation: the abdication of editorial vetting (“is this worth covering? isn’t there anything else going on?”) and the fear that anyone, including just some dude with a smartphone, may scoop you by even a second.

But my biggest peeve are all the otherwise normal conservatives who faced with him just adopted a pose of submission out of, at first a desire to avoid, and in the end a downright fear of, antagonizing his supporters. Nobody took him seriously enough and nobody felt a need to take him down when they could have, because they all wanted to be still fresh and ready to take over that crowd as the “nice, smart” version when he “eventually” left of self-inflicted causes.

Oh, it got better. That day, they did eventually broadcast Clinton’s speech for bit. The lead in? “We’re now going to cut over to Hillary Clinton, whom we’ve been told has begun to speak about Donald Trump…”