I pit the people at drive-up ATMs who...

Having completed their stupid fucking transactions, fiddle with their wallets, stuff everything back in, rearrange their makeup, check their phones, etc. and THEN AND ONLY THEN MOVE FORWARD SO THAT I CAN USE THE MOTHERFUCKING ATM when they could have grabbed their money and card and rolled forward ten feet, THEN performed their rituals.

Thoughtless assholes!!! Worthless scum!!! Die! Die! Die! :mad::mad::mad:

You know, this is supposed to be a conduit for catharsis, but I don’t feel all that much better. Maybe next time, I’ll just grab my .38 and empty six shots into the guy’s trunk.

Seems better that they do it there than after they re-enter traffic.

I thought the latter half of the opening sentence was going to be “…try to refinance their mortgages.”

Yeah, they should just throw their money and receipt on the floor and peel rubber to get the hell out of your way.

I get that you are just venting, but fuck that shit. Take a breath and slow down. If you are in that much of a hurry, you need to plan better.

On a similar note, I hate it when the cashier at Walgreen’s hands me a wad of bills, some coins and a receipt, along with my stuff, and I’m supposed to waddle away and find someplace else to put my money away. If there’s free counter space next to where that cashier is, then I go there. Otherwise, whoever is behind me can just wait their fucking turn, just like I did, without going all postal on my ass.

“Rearrange their makeup”?

He didn’t say throw on floor and peel rubber, he said roll ten feet up and then redo the makeup. I agree with him, and also would like to include the people who balance their checkbooks after getting their food from the fast food drive up (or whatever the hell they are doing up there).

I agree as well. How hard is it? I pull forward just to put my money in my wallet.

You joke but the new thing in ATMs is basically skype calls to tellers. In a few years, you could very well be trying to get 20 bucks for a cab at 3 in the morning and the yokel in front of you could be trying to set up a car loan application.

Yeah, common decency is such a bitch. And if you’re more important than everyone else in the universe, why shouldn’t they wait for you?

(By the way, if you’ve never been in a hurry, and waiting in line behind someone who seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to complete their business, I guess you “plan better” than the rest of us mortals, but I’m willing to bet that that’s not the case.)

I admit that my wife does this, it annoys the freaking crap out of me, and I am in the same car! How difficult is it to pull up and let the people behind you attend to their business? I love her and everything but, holy smokes, that pisses me right off.

Just want to point out that rolling 10 feet, then stopping is not going to have the effect you are wanting; it is just going to piss you off more. Ten feet isn’t enough for you to be able to access the ATM (unless they are on a bicycle, and let’s not go there). So, you still have to wait for them to finish before you can use it.

The better strategy is to learn to not care. As stated, if those precious seconds are that important, plan better. If you just don’t like the fact that you have to wait, then it really is your problem, so only you can fix it. It has taken me a long time, but I let that stuff go.

He’s an old retired dude with nothing to do until Matlock and dinner at 4pm…

Dude, when you’ve got curlcoat on your side, in the Pit, even, you have lost any argument about what constitutes common decency.

People need to put their money, card, and receipt away, which can take a few seconds, and can necessitate stuff like getting your wallet out, and it can be a bit tricky when you are in the driver’s seat of a car trying to handle multiple different valuable objects with no convenient flat surface to put things on. Trying to hurry too much can make you fumble and drop things, too. If you care about “common decency” you need to cool you jets and wait.

I am not sure what you mean by “rearranging” their makeup and “checking” their phone, but if these are time-consuming activities unrelated to stowing their money, card, etc. safely away, then yeah, I guess you have cause to be mildly irritated.

Or, I suppose, if you only had seconds to get that cash before the mob hit-man rubbed you out for not paying off your gambling debts, or something … then your annoyance is understandable, though not justified.

It’s like a live Picasso painting in their vanity mirror.

If you can’t roll your car forward 15 feet without “fumbling” (god forbid) then you may not be ready for drive-up banking.

There are actually people here who don’t know you are supposed to move out of the way as soon as possible if there’s someone behind you that you are blocking? And this is the board that freaked out when someone used the wrong gas pump side or that freaks out if someone unintentionally stops in a doorway or walks on the wrong side of the street?

If there’s someone behind you, you pull up, just like you move out of the line after completing your transaction at a store. If you’re so worried about getting your card back in your wallet, have your wallet out and put it back as soon as it comes out, just like you would at any store. And definitely don’t do anything else before getting out of the other person’s way.

Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but at the banks where I live, 10 feet past the ATM merges you immediately into the fast lane of the interstate. You’d have to be a real daredevil or a reckless fool with a suicide wish to take your foot off the brake for a “one one-thousand” and roll forward one car length without first checking your seat belt and mirrors, putting all your paperwork back into your briefcase and calling your attorney to make sure your estate is in order.

Next you lunatics will be telling me I should move away from the card reader and pick up my grocery bags so the person behind me in line can pay, before I’ve double-checked all the prices on my receipt and scanned the exit area for signs of armed robbers.

Man, am I ever on board for this rant. Also, if I were a checkout person at a supermarket, I would make sure everyone knows that they can swipe their card any any time. People, if you’re not going to help bag the groceries, can you at least pull your card out and swipe it while you’re waiting? Gah, that gets on my nerves.

ETA: Heh, I posted this before I saw VT’s similar grocery store rant.

You can swipe your card while the groceries are still being scanned? :confused:

Yes, that would make a huge difference: