I pit the Peterson trial!

I’m sick of hearing about it, sick to death!

I’ve had enough of horse-faced Amber Frey and Adam Sandler/Ben Affleck-lookalike Scott Peterson.

I’ve had enough of the crudely rendered courtroom sketches.

I’ve had enough of the “bombshell testimony.”

I’m sick of seeing Stan Goldman and Aphrodite Jones on FOX argue about this stupid, boring, retarded trial.

I’m tired of Bill O’Reilly devoting a segment a night to the Peterson trial, even though his show is supposed to be a political show. Likewise to Hannity and Colmes. And it’s not just on FOX, all the channels do it.

Damn you, Peterson trial. Damn you to hell. Here’s to hoping Scott Peterson is acquited and goes on to sell a line of trademark fishing gear and write a “my story” paperbackjust just out of spite.

I was channel surfing to see what’s on, and on the entertainment channel, you know, they of the E! True Hollywood Story biographies? Well, they had an E! True Hollywood bio on Amber Frey.

??? How is that Hollywood, pray tell? I wasn’t aware that people involved in sordid deals like the Laci Peterson murder trial were suddenly “hollywood”.


You’d like to see him get away with the murder of his wife and unborn son to spite the media coverage? Or do you somehow blame Laci’s family for the coverage and that’s why you’d like to see them continue to suffer as their daughter’s murderer is allowed to be free and profit from his crime?

But we don’t know that he did it.

He is not guilty of anything unless it is proven in a court of law. Innocent until proven guilty.

I never said I hope Peterson gets away with murder. I said I hope he gets acquited.

PaulFitzroy, as someone who works right up the street from the damn courthouse where this media cirus is taking place, I can agree with the sentiment of “Just get it over with already.” But acquitted? No. I hope he is found guilty and sent to prison for a very, very long time. His blatant disregard for his wife’s safety and that of their child was obvious. I have very little difficulty believing that he committed the murder.
You want to blame someone for how this has turned into a national fiasco? As far as I can tell, no one is nailing these reporters to their perches. Hell, I wish someone would. It’d make it easier to avoid them.

Yes, I am sure that the OP literally hopes that a (potential) murderer is set free. :rolleyes:

I hope he is acquitted.

NOT because I think it’s right. NOT because I want to see a killer walk. NOT because I’m tired of the media circus. NOT because killing a woman, unborn child or your wife is right.

No, I want to see him acquitted because of the poor handling of the case by the Modesto DA’s office. They arrested him and took him to trial based on weak evidence. They involved the media WAY too much for their own good. They’ve overstepped and played around with the rules, regulations and laws of the land. They’ve mishandled evidence, failed to turn over evidence to opposing counsel, and fabricated shit because they’re reaching. But not just reaching, OVER reaching.

He might have done it. Hell, he probably did it. However, the kind of “proof” that they’ve put on display thus far is just so fucking weak that they deserve to have the entire case rammed straight up their asses, and they probably will.

The O.J. Simpson of the 21st century, indeed.


I hope a meteorite strikes the fucking courthouse with all of them in it. The sooner this goes away the better.

Who gives a shit about this stuff anyway? Is the media forcing this down our throats, or are they giving a pathetic public what they crave?

Unfortunately, I believe it is mostly the latter, not the former. For some reason, people and the media latched onto this murder with vehement fervor and they haven’t let go. In the meantime, many more people, wives and mothers have been murdered and they haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.

In my mind, it’s just another senseless fucking killing. Another wasted life or two. It happens all too often(and in fact, someone I know had a family member murdered a few weeks ago).


That would be wonderful. But then Aahhhnolt would just make us pay for a new one, saying the state isn’t responsible for acts of god.

GaWd, I gotta agree that the evidence is circumstantial, at best. I’m hoping they can come up with something better than “He talked with his mistress on the phone every day.”
Having taken as long as the Modesto P.D. did to arrest him, when they finally did I was under the impression it was because they had something substantial.

Sorry to hear about that.

Yeah, what GaWd said. Just like OJ, the prosecution was so sure of their case that they thought all they had to do was just lay it on the table.

My GF’s criminal-justice colleagues are all leaning towards the “probably did it, but will probably be acquitted” outcome. I’m looking forward to Dominick Dunne’s analysis of the trial already.

I forgot to say: sorry to hear about your friend’s loss, GaWd.

Ya, I work for a law firm and anytime the subject comes up, I hear the same thing. So, most of the civil and criminal law lawyers that associate with my boss agree with your GF’s associates.


One surprising omission in this thread is that another reason to be upset is that this trial is taking up valuable on-air time that could be used to cover the Michael Jackson case. :stuck_out_tongue:

You think things are bad now, just wait until that fucker goes to trial.

I hope that starts before November, because after that it will be the 2004 recount 24/7

And I thought that I was a pessimist.

Oh no, nobody challenges Sir Worldy in the pessimism department. :slight_smile:


Woah, hold the phone! There hasn’t been a verdict yet? I had no idea.

No, really.


No, I don’t pay attention to the cable news channels unless something huge is going on. News from local TV and radio is good enough for me.

And I’m in a good mood today. :stuck_out_tongue: