I pit the Pope

In the ABCnews daily quote, Pope John Paul II, encouraging people to pray for rain to relieve Europe’s heatwave and an accompanying spate of wildfires, says:

That’ll work. If it rains tomorrow, the Pope will get credit. If it takes a week, a month or a year, he can still share the spotlight with the gods.

Besides, how does the Pope know that God is not punishing Europe for some religious trangression? That was usually the cause for bad weather in the bible.

The Pope is calling for prayer? You’ll be telling me he’s a Catholic next.

Sinead? Is that you?

That’s in the job description of the Pope. I can’t see anything wrong with it. I see something wrong with the President of the USA praying in public and asking for others to pray. I have a problem with that. Or does he think he is the Pope?

In other news today, the sky is blue, puppies and kittens are cute, and dusk is expected to take place this evening.


Wow. You’re Pitting the Pope for calling for prayer, huh?

Yeah… that Pope sure is a shocker.


Cite :stuck_out_tongue:

From that cite, this data for the city of San Diego:

**Sunset 7:38 p.m.
End civil twilight 8:04 p.m. **

The time right now (according to the clock on the oven): 0:02… err… no, that’s the time left on my spaghetti! Wait… OK, according to my cell phone it is now 4:55PM.

I will be watching the sky to see how accurate that cite is!

Well, at least no one is being turned into salt.

And my Margarita needs some right now, so who wants to volunteer?

Euwwww, that bastard!

I’ve got a thousand bucks on the heatwave lasting til November!

Friggin supplicator.

I saw this in the local paper and had a good laugh. If god wanted it to rain, it would rain, but obviously he could give a shit. What difference does it make. We should all just pray for something useful, like for me to win the powerball or something. The outcome will still come to pass irregardless. God does what he does, if you believe in him you should know that already. And besides since god knows everything, why do we need to remind him?

That’s all…thanks for your time and remember:
God doesn’t love you, I do.

'Sup, licator?

I’m going to pray for people to stop using “irregardless”…

I don’t trust anyone with a hat like his.

Headline: “Can we Get a Witness from the Conflagration?”

I hope it works because I just can’t help myself and I think I need some sort of intervention

The hat the Pope wears is called a mitre. It symbolizes a fish – the opening at the top is the fish’s mouth. The origins of the design are quite ancient, with some people going so far as to suggest a link between the ancient cult of Dagon and the Catholic Church.

I would think that if the Pope wanted to rid the church of such aspersions, while also appealing to modern man, he would adapt an updated version, such as this.

What is it about Abrahamic religions and interesting hats?

Mitres, birette, zucchetti, cardinal’s hats, tiaras, those ones that Orthodox priests wear, yarmulkes, turbans, fezzes…?