I pit the snow

I only have three days left to finish my Christmas shopping. I have one day off this week. Yesterday it was sunny. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Today is the only day I’m not working and we’re in the midst of an 18 hour snowfall.

I agree, snow is simply awful. Definitely my least favorite type of weather. Now if they could find a way to make warm snow, I’d be all over ther.

Snow isn’t so bad, it’s the idiots who can’t remember how to drive in it from one winter to the next. Took me an hour to drive ten miles home from work last night, because the dumbasses forgot how to drive on snow and were averaging speeds of between zero and five MPH. Come on people, you’re in Wisconsin for god’s sake, driving in snow should be in your damn blood!

Sorry, this is a bit soft for the Pit. Off to MPSIMS.

If only the pit were big enough that we could push all the snow into it.

While I feel sorry for those who have to drive around in the snow, I have to say that snow is awesome. It’s the best part of winter when your life hardly requires you to drive anywhere.

And Otto, I am also sorry to say that I smiled last evening as I watched some of Madison’s slow traffic out my window. It was an evil satisfaction in seeing that people seemed to be having trouble with a relatively minor amount of snow, just as they would back in my native southwest Ohio.

I like snow. Being a native Southern Californian, it’s nice to live in a place where it snows!


We need to not have snow for the exterior scenes in our film. We’ve had trouble getting people to stick with the film, and we’re way behind schedule. Every day we risk snow.

And I have bad knees. I hate the snow on the walk at my house. When I walk on the snow it compresses and freezes into ice, which is very slippery. I try to keep it shoveled and swept clean, but it’s a losing battle. The snow from last week (or whenever it was) is gone. But there will be more.

Today is sunny, and the temperature is about 30°F.

Kicked out of the pit for being “a bit soft” - O! The shame!

Next time, rest assured, I shall include some choice profanity in my OP.