I pit the stomach flu and my uncooperative husband

Okay, so both kids (14 and 10) have the stomach flu, complete with vomiting, body aches, and fever. I really, really, need to be at work today, because I have so much to do and also because I already won’t get paid for one day this week (Friday, the day the company observes New Year’s Day).

But it’s far more important for DH to go down to see his dad and to fix the tailpipe on his pickup truck than it is for him to stay home and take care of the kids so I can go to work. Of course, he would like me to be paid for the day, so his suggestion was to leave them home alone. Two sick kids taking care of the dogs and each other? Maybe, if they just had colds, but not with them both feeling as ill as they do. So once again, Mom stays home with the sick kids.

I also pit myself for not being able to clone myself so that one of me can go to work and earn a living and the other one can be with the kids when needed.


Need more information before I can bash your husband…how often does he see his dad? Is it a rare chance to see him? Why can’t he fix his tailpipe in the driveway and look after kids?

I’m sorry you’re sick.

But if you’re contagious, you should be home. Your co-workers will thank you. :slight_smile:

He talks to his dad almost every day, and just saw him Christmas Day. BTW, DH is on vacation this week, so it’s not as if he’s losing any income.

Can’t fix the tailpipe in the driveway because it’s too snowy, and the garage is full of the MIL’s 1968 Cadillac convertible that we have to store for her till someone buys it. FIL has access to a heated garage, so DH wanted to fix the tailpipe there.
I can sympathize with that, but it could have waited a day or so, since he’s on vacation all week.

Okay. Suze, your husband is an asshole. :smiley:

And so am I. Sorry I misspelled your name!

Thanks, but it doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m used to my name being spelled incorrectly.

And yes, he’s being an asshole about this, which is why I had to vent. But I’m just as aggravated at whoever it was who spread this virus in the first place - if you’re sick, or have been within the past 24 hours, please don’t attend family gatherings!

(Oh, and I’m not sick - it’s just my kids that are. But at least one co-worker did her damndest to make sure I didn’t come in to work and possibly bring the virus with me.)

Okay, I’m now in with Dung Beetle in condemning your husband. How thoughtless of him!

Agreed. His first obligation was to the 10 and 14 year old tailpipes. The damn car can wait.

If the heated garage is at grand-dad’s house, why can’t he take the kids there? If not, why can’t he wait til the weekend to do the tail-pipe? Does he dis your job on a regular basis (just askin)?

If the heated garage is at grand-dad’s house, why can’t he take the kids there? If not, why can’t he wait til the weekend to do the tail-pipe? Does he dis your job on a regular basis (just askin)? Or why can’t grand-mere watch the kids?

I’d personally prefer to keep a pair of stomach flu-stricken, vomiting kids indoors, close to the facilities.

Flu and other flu-like illnesses can be devastating to older people (i.e. requiring hospitialization and possibly causing death). Knowingly exposing grandparents to a severe illness as described is a very bad idea.

Exactly the reason I couldn’t get anyone to come sit with the kids - the only available family members are elderly, and I won’t knowingly expose them to the virus.

I’m sorry for your kids, it sounds awful, but it also sounds like they may have food poisoning or ain intestinal virus. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “stomach flu”–can any M.D.s weigh in here?

Your motherly instincts are to be commended, but leaving a 14 year old and a ten year old home alone with the flu for 8 hours or so is hardly a high risk proposition in real world terms if you really, really, needed to go to work.

It’s mainly just a colloquialism.

Influenza is primarily a respiratory illness but it often can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea as well.

I’d say the more common stomach ailment that keeps kids home from school is gastroenteritis and it is frequently referred to mistakenly as stomach flu.

I just went through this at work. This coworker kept talking (and talking and talking) about her “stomach flu” and I told her there’s no such thing. There are intestinal viruses and food poisoning. She wouldn’t believe me so I asked a doctor in front of her. He said the exact same thing as I did. It made me feel very smug and self-satisfied, yes, it did. (Only because this coworker is very annoying in every way.)

Oh, and DH needs a wake-up call, is what I think. You should let him know that his unthoughtfulness is not okay with you. Not to start a fight, I just believe that people will act however you let them, and you have to draw boundaries. He needs to know that he crossed one. Hopefully you’re a couple that can talk about such things.
If you’re not such a couple, you can always spit in his food when he’s not looking.

[Sorry for the continued hijack …]

Is it really inaccurate to call an intestinal virus the ‘stomach flu’?

I’ve usually understood ‘stomach flu’ to mean: something violently contagious that makes you throw up for days.


If I said to my friend “I’ve been laid up with the stomach flu for days!” she would nod pityingly and back slowly away, understanding pretty well what I had been through and what her current risks were.

If I said “I’ve been laid up with an intestinal virus” she would furrow her brow in a concerned manner, and say “Oh no, what does that mean? Sounds awful” and lean a little closer to hear my description.

Why can’t we call it that if we all understand the same definition?

Yes, because flu isn’t a term that means “general illness.” It refers specifically to influenza which is a respiratory ailment. Though as I said it can sometimes rarely cause side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. So some forms of the flu are difficult to distinguish from gastroenteritis.