I pit the vicious "pizza bubble"

That evil, baneful bubble of burned skin one suffers on the roof of the mouth after biting into a slice that is just a wee bit too hot.

It is entirely too annoying, entirely impossible not to fiddle with with the tip of tongue, and the inevitable shedding of the burnt layers of skin is just obnoxious…I don’t care how much better it feels once it is shed.

Damn you pizza bubble!!! :mad:

yeah yeah, you’d think I’d learn by now…

This is sooooo MPSIMS.


And I thought this thread would be about the large bubble of pizza dough that flares up at least once on every pie and refuses to subside until it is baked into a flavorless shell.

Now I want pizza.
But I’m afraid of Mouth Blister.
Damn you! :slight_smile:

There…um…might’ve been a bit of judgement clouding Bass to wash it down… :o

Broccoli Pizza
Seen from a distance
Cheesy morass
or forested hills?

In support, I shake my fist in anger at the pizza blister, though I’ve never had one. My fun is that little bump of skin right behind the space between my two front teeth. It’s always getting burned or roughed up. Corn on the cob is no fun because of that thingy. Damn you thingy!

One and the same, my friend. My description also seems to have been a bit Bass-influenced…