I pit thee, "online poker" (spam-releated).

I am going to study abroad soon, and my school has been strongarming us all into creating a web log to detail our thoughts and experiences while abroad. We were even provided with an active Movable Type account to use, hosted on the university’s web server. I eventually embraced this concept, and started posting messages. I didn’t distribute the address to virtually anyone save for a single friend (though it was publically available at my university), because I wanted to wait until I was able to seperate a family and friends web log, for reasons I hope are fairly clear.

It actually went really well, and I was enjoying the outlet for my thoughts, creativity, etc, until in the last week, I was finally spidered out by a spam site, which promptly commented on every single entry with its garbage and link (imagine my chagrin when I realized, that no, I hadn’t been discovered by a newfound group of adoring fans). My nemisis only goes by the name “online poker”, and links to a site I don’t dare even look at. Sadly, the only viable solution seems to be the complete and utter abolition of the ability of anyone to make any comments, whomever they are. I do not have the proper permissions and web server access to install one of the myraid of plug-ins available to help combat this sort of problem, and I doubt that the university deparment administrating this is on the ball enough to do it for me. Thus, since comments are extremely important to me, and I cannot stand having these idiots discover to me, I’m forced to move yet again. If only I could find this person – I would indeed love to embed a nail in his flesh for every single spam comment that I have ever recieved, and driving all the nails an inch deeper for every moment I spend removing their mass-produced sludge. That is, if they could spew any more after a few of the larger nails were placed in certain strategic positions.

I truly loathe spam.