I pit this stpid parling lot cleaner

who is being a butthole and is purposely taking hrs to do a ten minute job becuse he knows i’m trying to sleep.

good, I think he went away sorry excuse for a human being,

I have to say that I’ve never had a parling lot cleaner that went that far out of its way to inconvenience me. I usually find that with a little practice, I can pretend to be staying awake so that the parling lot cleaners leave me alone. It takes a little practice, but, really, it’d be really stpid not to put in the effort to thwart the evil parling lot cleaners trying to keep you up all night. Hell, right now I’m only posting here at 2:10 AM to try to convince my local parling lot cleaner that I really want to be awake now, so that it harrasses the guys down the street instead.

Yeah, well, I have sex with my parling lot cleaner every two weeks for him to not clean my parling lot between the hours of 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. And once in a while we do it on the parling lot cleaning device just for kicks. Whee!

I once had sex in a parling lot. Everything was going fine until the stpid parling lot cleaner showed up. He was the buttholiest parling lot cleaner I’ve ever met. Especially since he made me blow him.

[sub]Don’t feel bad, I once typo’d the same word 3 times in one thread, twice in the title alone.[/sub]

Do you people live in malls or grocery stores or something?


Only liberty. He lives in a parling lot.

I understand, I would be pretty upset if I had to be around buttholes in a parling lot when I was trying to sleep too.

I’m not sure what this thread was about in the first place, but might as well put it to sleep now.