I pit whoever convinced our president to prolong the war in Afghanistan

People are dying on all sides. Nothing good is happening there. We can’t afford it anyhow. What kind of stupidity is this?

FUCK YOU, you GREEDY MORONS for enriching your fucking military-industrial complex, destroying people’s lives, health and families, and causing suffering to everyone.:mad:

Did you miss the part of the campaign where Obama consistently talked about doing more to win the war in Afghanistan?

It’s about Pakistan. It would really suck if the resurgent Taliban were to take Pakistan over. What happens in Afghanistan is critical to what happens in Pakistan.

Obama really is a moving target these days. It’s not quite Bush II in his last two years, but it’s pretty bad.

Sometimes I just wish we would get the hell out of everyone else’s business and pay attention to our own problems. I know, its not very “global” of me, but are there any other countries that play hero? Let someone else take on that role for a decade or so, so we can focus on getting our own shit back in order.

Asking somebody else to “play hero” when we invaded Afghanistan in the first place is a bit much.

What’s his alternative?

I hope that they take all those extra troops, plus what we got there, and just secure the cities (let the countryside fend for themselves).

PS I’ll be shocked if he actually does the drawdown in a year like he says. Just like with Gitmo, it’s simply more tripe to placate both the ‘cut’ and ‘run’ wings of the Democratic party.

Placating people who oppose Bush’s torture policies is a good thing.

‘Cut and Run’ is so Jean Schmidt, by the way. By that, I mean it’s an attempt to portray those who opposed the scum Bush’s policies as cowards and/or traitors. I presume Republicans did this because they cannot defend the policies they support, but there could be another reason. I wonder what it might be.

Swiping from Wikipedia:

9-11 isn’t our business?

I didn’t mean it in that way, but upon re-reading, I can see why you thought that. apologies for bad wording.

Not “play hero” as in rescue us. But somebody else to “play hero” to all the poor oppressed people that we are trying to “play hero” for. Afghanistan has gone way beyond the initial find Osama and the 9/11 masterminds and bring them to justice. Now it seems we are trying to protect the citizens there from the Taliban. We need to let go of our need to spread our way of thinking until we get our own house in order.

But it’s not realistic and I acknowledge that, its just wishful thinking.

It was a joke (or at least, a jab). Chillax.

The point is, he tried to take a middle of the road approach. Personally, I’m with George Will, either we’re all-in or we’re outa there, no in-betweens.

from Mr Smashy.

Doesn’t sound like its about 9/11 any more to me.

I think the person ratatoskK is looking for is Barack Obama. (I mean Barack Obama II, wiseguys.) Whether Obama is making the right choice or not, I frankly have no idea. But he said for years that he wanted to fix things in Afghanistan and never ever suggested he was going to pull out, particularly in a hurry. He’s never been a pacifist and he’s always been in favor of the U.S. being active in protecting its interests. That thinking and phrasing has always concerned me, but he’s been upfront about it.

It seems that Mr Smashy isn’t in charge of American foreign policy.

No offense, Mr Smashy.

Hmm. I suspect the pro-Bush crowd were not thinking in nautical terms.

True, he is not. Mr Smashy sorry to bring you into this! :wink:

As a Canadian, I’m in the ‘outta there’ camp. One of our citizens sits in Cuba to this day for the alleged crime of fighting back, another was kidnaped from the US and sent off to be tortured in Syria. It irks me no end that we’re helping the country that did this.

As for the US itself, what does ‘all-in’ even mean? You adopt the strategy that will accomplish your goals, at least in theory. Is Will suggesting you either conquer Afghanistan or leave? What problem would conquering Afghanistan solve?

Yeah, I just think it’s funny that the original meaning of “cut and run” is a somewhat drastic maneuver you have to pull in order to keep a weight your boat is attached to from dragging you under.

At the risk of sounding like a ct, the truth is, the powers that be behind the scenes decide when and where wars are. The rulers go along with it or are removed from power.