I plan to live forever, is my idea possible..

Would it be possible for me to get a DNA sample of myself saved until i am dead, then as soon as i die clone the DNA to create another me, and do the same thing over and over with the NEW ME’s DNA?

is this Legal & Possible?

It’s possible, but it wouldn’t be “you.” It would be an identical twin of you. Your consciousness would die with the original you. As for “legal” there are no laws regarding human cloning currently; as no one has any idea how the hell to approach the ethics of such a weird topic.

Moreover, it is not clear that clones cell age is not partially conserved, so your clowns may age faster than normal. And of course, even without this objection, accumated errors would eventually catch up with you in the form of some lethal mutation.

All in all, rather pointless.

i dont mean I will be licing forver, but Christopher Stevens will live forever

??? Translation please?

Christopher Stevens is you (I’m assuming) and you are Christopher Stevens. The clone would be not-you. Not-you is (obviously) different from you. Christopher Stevens would not live forever.

If you REALLY want to live eat a big heap of Twinkies every day. The preservatives will keep you young.

It’s called ‘having children’.
But seriously, your DNA has no memory of your life. It just contains the directions for making you work.
See also ‘nature vs. nurture’.

DNA doesn’t have anything to do with your consciousness - that takes place between the nerve cells of your brain. Since they are formed during your life and not part of the original you, they would not get passed on in your DNA. So while the genetic code of Christopher Stevens will live on, the essence of Christopher Stevens will be lost when you die. If passing on your code is all you want to do, I’d suggest taking Phobos’s recommendation - have kids. It’s more fun making them anyway. :wink:

How about keeping your clone in a box and harvesting his organs and tissue as necessary?

I don’t want my clowns to age faster than normal. :smiley:

What everyone else is saying is right. Genetic information only encodes your physical information (how many arms you have, your odds of getting certain diseases, etc.), not mental information. You would have to make a pretty exact copy of the physical connections of your neurons and their function. That is probably possible, it just does not exist now.

Here’s the way to live forever. Build a huge box, that no one can see into or hear into. Lock yourself in.

By the Schroedigger’s cat principle, no one on the outside will know if you are alive or dead, because no one can see in. Thus, you will be “alive” for all intents and purposes to the outside world (of course, you’ll also be “dead” but we’ll ignore that aspect.)

OK, that handles the outside world. Now, inside the box, you’ll know if you’re alive… but – and here’s the trick – if you’re dead, you won’t know it (since you won’t have any consciousness.) Thus, as far as you know, you’ll be alive forever.

How you like that solution?

Just make sure the box is sealed good and tight. We don’t want your quantum self stinking up the place.

I don’t know about the idea in the OP, but I heard about a great idea for immortality. See, you get these immortality rings, and…

:: fleeing for his life ::

Yer pal,

This thread reminds me of a debate I read in the press a year or so back regarding “Star Trek”-style teleporting technology.

If such technology is developed, and if it works by reducing a person to their constituent particles, and then reassembling them in another location, has that person actually been transported as the same person, or have they ben killed in the process, and a new person with the same genetic makeup and memories been assembled in the new place?

The new person would swear blind that they were the original (coz they’d have the memories).

Too weird for me.

You should try reading The Mind’s I edited by Doug Hofstader. That one will throw your brain for a loop. It covers a lot of the topics addressed here.

I have a secret method that will enable me to live forever. So far, so good. :wink:

I vow to live forever, or die trying!

Where’d Satan go?

Anyway, these rings, they’re only $99.95. If you act now, they throw in a free limited edition pair of Spider Man underwear.

Um…it’s pretty scary, actually. And it makes my brain hurt.