I-POD Commercial

Any one else find the miniture phrase “Don’t steal music” at the end of the latest i-pod commercial funny? I don’t know why, but i guess the responsibility stuff can get them… found it funny anyway.

Personally, I’d think the whole MP3 format is inherently stealing. If you have to own the album, what’s the use of buying a 400 dollar device to play the MP3 version when you can pick up an 40 dollar CD player and listen to the original album? Therefore, most people who get MP3’s probably don’t own the album. Never stopped me from downloading my favorite MP3’s, personally. My point? I’m sure that’s a legal obligation, but putting ‘don’t steal music’ on the bottom in little letters isn’t really going to help the (supposed)problem.

So yeah, I also find it amusing.

I personally don’t find it as stealing, but that’s for another thread. It’s funny how the company is just keeping the lawyers happy.

Sue me, but its not stealing really. When artists put their music on the radio, they are putting out the chance that people can get a tape and record the song. Its just about as easy as downloading a song off the net.

Oh, and yes, I found that funny. I noticed that too.

Yes, it’s funny. Not as funny as SNL crawling up Apple’s butt by giving them an iPOD product-placement in the “Nick Whatsit, the Company’s Computer-Guy” sketch:

Suffer through another 40 seconds till end of sketch-- Cue the official iPOD ad. Ick. Didn’t it make them feel… …dirty?

That was such a great sketch, i was laughing my ass off after that one.

What about JPEG’s? Izzat stealin’, too? Or .zip files in general? Or diamonds, even? Compressed carbon… it MUST be illegal!

Because the iPod holds a hundred albums, and fits in pockets that a CD player can’t. And I think the iPod is $100 overpriced, but given the technology involved, it’s unavoidable at this time.

And no, MP3 is not inherently stealing – ripping an MP3 is no worse than me taking my CD and copying them to audio tape so I can play them in my car.