I popped my E-Bay cherry!!

I bought six of these. Mine was the only bid.

I will be sending off the payment via certified mail tomorrow, but I have a question.

Is it usual for e-bay sellers to get you but good on the shipping charges? The shipping charges are more than my winning bid! Is that normal, to put something with a low starting bid, then make up the profit on the shipping?

(Long story short, I have Callaway Corning plates in my kitchen. The Corningware outlet store near my work closed, and they haven’t opened another Orlando(ish) location. Ivyboy dropped seven of the plates on my ceramic floor as he was emptying the dishwasher, so we’ve been making do with only six dinner plates.)

No, it’s not usual, though it’s also not uncommon. My rule of thumb is that I won’t pay more than, say, $20 for X, including shipping. Therefore, my bid will be lower for a sale of X with high shipping, but higher for a sale of X with low shipping costs. YMMV, but you’ll also find that the higher or more outrageous the shipping, the less activity on the sale (unless it’s a rare item where the seller can dicatate the terms)

Oh, and congratulations! :slight_smile: I suspect the shipping price quoted will better guarantee that nothing happens (ie. damage) en route.