i protest the banning of thanatic!

There were so many, many cruel things I wanted to say to and about him. I feel muzzled.

Banning him exposes exactly the shallowness of critical thinking skills typical of STEM majors.


Thanatic, struck down in his prime by TPTB, just like Malcolm X.
You should start a poll thread that asks a hypothetical question about this type of situation.

A black poster would have protested the banning so much more convincingly.

Whom do you think you’re talking to, Elf?

I didn’t think the board encouraged talking about the departed, specifically to avoid giving them the lurking satisfaction of finally mattering to someone or something.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon should be talked about.

I’m with Skald. So much territory yet unexplored. So much entertainment yet to be had.

Who do you think is the smartest banned poster?

Who do you think was a better mono-maniacal banned poster; thanatic or cladking?

Moderator Action

It’s nice to have a bit of humor in ATMB for a change, but this is still taking a pot shot at a departed poster. Let’s not do this in ATMB.

Thread closed.