I put a chick in a full-nelson

and I stuck my underwear over her head. She didnt’ think i would but I did. I’m think ing of cooking her up a fancy meal next weekend just so she don’t think i’m some kind of retard. does quiche sound fancy enuff for her?


I’d say flowers and a public apology are more in order!

Hey man… don’t be a chauvinist.

Broads hate that.

[sub]Merely a fanciful jest.[/sub]

I will apologize when she sleeps with me.

And if she doesn’t want to sleep with you, you could always put her in a full nelson again.

Chicks dig brute force! :smiley:


I’m gonna phone her tomorrow…i’m hoping she will answer the phone after I did a full nelson and suplexed her onto my bed…i thought it was funny at the time, but she seemed pissed off.

I did this to a girlfriend once.

She took one step to the right, placed her left foot behind my right foot, placed her hands on my forearms to hold them in place, and leaned back.

I had no choice but to fall over completely backwards, her full weight landing on my solar plexus.

I just lay there on the ground, sucking wind for about ten minutes, and had sore ribs for a couple of days.
Anyway, we got married.
Looking back on that incident, it’s as fitting a metaphor as any for our relationship. Nothing sexier than a woman who can kick your ass.

How’d you get your underwear over head while you kept her in a full nelson?

i attacked her when she came out of the bathroom…its dark in the hallway, caught her by surprise with the underwear.

Chicks ALSO dig being grabbed in the dark! By Surprise!

Tell you what, next time you do it, put your hand over her mouth and tell her you’ll kill her family if she moves!


How did this “Wrestling with Underwear” fetish get started, anyway? And were they clean, I hope?


Well… I guess it’s better than what I do.

I just beat Serendipity.

My psychologist thinks it’s healthy for me to take my frustrations out on her.

And besides… she just can’t sleep through the night without a good beatin’.


i wanted to get her to smell my room…convince her i don’t stink like my roommate.

Hey, J. Cutter, you should go hang out with Little Tigger and play cars or something instead of menacing women physically.

Just a thought


I would never hurt a woman on purpose unless they asked me for it.

and one more thing…the bum was worn out in the underwear so atleast she could breathe.

*Originally posted by J. Cutter *

Your room is in your underwear ? One day you may grab the wrong woman and get a face full of pepper spray. I personally would have screamed rape and done my best to cause you some very real pain. In other words that was not a smooth move!

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