I put flavored bottled water in my iron...

…and now my clothes smell like “mixed berries.”

To be specific, it’s Trader Joe’s sparkling mineral water, with “natural” flavor. I can’t see that it would hurt the iron, and now I have a delicious aroma.

Brilliant. I don’t know why that wouldn’t work with a room humidifier too. Is there no coloring associated with the product?

people would use deionized water in irons to keep down scale which would make the steam iron inefficient eventually. water collected in a dehumidifier works for that purpose also.

I used to put rosewater in my iron. (Not as girly smelling as you might imagine.)

I hope you checked to see if that product has sugar in it. You may end up covered in ants and with your iron all gummed up.

No color, no sugar.

I didn’t do this to deliberately infuse my clothing, by the way. I was just in a hurry to get to work, and didn’t want to use hard tap water in the iron. It wasn’t til I put the clothes on that realized something was different.

Next time I’ll try the orange flavor, or perhaps the lime.