I really need to stop being such a wuss... [video game thread, possible spoilers]

I’ve been a huge Xenosaga fan for a long time (hence my location). I bought Xenosaga III the day it came out (several months ago) and played it through in only a few sittings. I got to the final fight, and just… stopped. I loved the story and the characters so much that I couldn’t bear to see it end. Namco/Monolith was supposed to make Xenosaga a six-title series, but they decided to wrap it up in only three.

I suppose I’ll sit down someday soon and finish it out, but it’s going to be very difficult and I’ll probably need a box of tissues handy.

I also had to push myself to finally finish Final Fantasy X and God of War.

So, what video games were so great that you just didn’t want to beat them?

Super Mario 64. When I first beat it (at age 12), I turned it off right after beating Bowser for the third time (just as Mario starts flying around the screen) as I didn’t want to see the ending! I loved the game so much, it just couldn’t end. I think I beat it againa few days later though, so I could actually see the ending.

I felt that way about the original Xenogears, easily one of my top-three video game experiences of all time. Sadly, I felt that the spiritual successor, -saga, never lived up to gears.

If I think a game is that great (the original Fallout for example), I don’t sit there and not finish it. Instead, I play it a dozen more times to experience it from different angles.