I really want Lane Kiffin to be FIRED!!

Here’s some alleged details on how the firing went down, especially nice for those who really hate Lane. TLDR: The decision was made during the game, and he was pulled off the bus at LAX and fired before they got back to campus.

At least they let him fly home.

I know taxis are expensive in the LA area, but I’m sure Kiffin had enough to pay for one to whatever million dollar home he lives in. Pat Haden obviously wanted to make a point by humiliating Kiffin so I’m sure there are other behind the scene incidents that we’re not aware of.

I am not sure if this comparison is more insulting to Lane Kiffen or to Miley Cyrus.

Firing a coach mid-season simply doesn’t happen unless the NCAA jackboots are right outside the door. Maybe that’s it, or maybe it’s true that USC really didn’t understand what kind of Mount Everest of Asswipes they hired for such a critical position - in which case Haden is probably on the outs too for being so fucking clueless and causing USC so much embarrassment.

This probably kills Monte Kiffin’s remaining career, too.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. It’s been sort of breathtaking to watch this arrogant scuzzball fail his way down the ladder.

Yes, I know what you mean. And Finebaum’s a fine one to talk!

Monte is the DC with the Cowboys. He took the bullet for Lane sucking last year.

That’s not true. Coaches are fired mid-season any time it is beneficial for the AD to do so. Paul Pasqualoni was fired at UConn today.

Yeah, no. Mike Garrett hired Kiffin.

Lane Kiffen is quite a quandary. How can such an shitty man.

Do such great things?


I saw another source that said that he had been offered the opportunity to resign and had refused.

Firing him this gives them the number one ticket in the coaching carousel.

How much ya wanna bet that in some way, shape or form USC has made contact with Saban’s agent. Not saying that anything is going to come of it. Just saying that I have to think they’ve thrown a line in that pond.

I keep hearing this about Saban. Not just USC, but Texas has that rumor going too. Look folks, Nick is NOT leaving Alabama. He is in the perfect spot.
[li]He is in the best recruiting region in the country, where he has TONS of connections. [/li][li]He is a god in the state with zero risk of getting fired anytime soon. [/li][li]The boosters can afford to play the “match the highest salary” game. [/li][li]And, he’s in a conference where you get 1 free loss and still get to dance for the National Championship.[/li][/ol]
Name another school that has all that (except maybe Auburn, Florida, or Georgia - but that would cause a Holy War that just wouldn’t end well for anybody).

Now, he/his agent may use these rumors to finagle a raise, but Saban ain’t going anywhere*, certainly not to LA, that team is damaged.
*Absent the NCAA destroying 'Bama with sanctions where he doesn’t have a choice.

HAHAH Both!!!

Dumb comparison… Miley Cyrus had a successful TV show on Disney… my kids loved it… it was fun to watch… that and Raven…

If you think Jimmy Sexton (Saban’s agent) isnt listening to offers… then dream on… First off Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the country… and the Trojans are the de facto professional team in that city… even when the Rams were present. Texas is fucking Texas… You’re looking at a billion dollar network in a conference that is easy to dominate. Jimmy is already fielding calls… just laying out the landscape… whether Nick leaves of not is up to him… but to think theirs NO way… seriously… Remember… roll tide or not… its still Tuscaloosa…

I’m always up for Lane Kiffen being put down but Art Briles, coach of my alma mater that’s enjoyed some real success as of late under his leadership, is one of the leading candidates being mentioned as a candidate for the USC job. We really do not want to lose him and I hope he’s as comfortable at BU as we are with him.

Actually, I talked about that specifically. That’s the “use the rumors to get a raise” part. LA is a different environment and Saban has shown no signs of being the spotlight hound (off the field/press room) necessary to thrive in that environment. I also think USC’s tradition of…looser discipline…would not sit well with Nick.

As for Texas, yeah, tons of money, Longhorn Network* blah, blah, blah - but nobody gives a shit. Right now they’re at least the third-best team in the state and might be fourth. Texas A&M left the Big “12”** just in time for them. I do think they’ll eventually be back.

  • Although I do find it interesting that their only high profile game so far this year was blacked out over much of the country since most cable networks don’t carry the LN. Nice job. Way to create exposure for UT. “Hey come to UT! That way when you fuck up during the big game, nobody will be able to see it anyway!”

** And they are still structurally amongst the weakest conferences and don’t think they’ll get a Notre Dame-type pass as an independent when the NCAA collapses and the major conferences reorganize FBS. Hell, I don’t know if Notre Dame is going to get a Notre Dame-type pass under that scenario. My guess is they’ll end up with the football team in the ACC.