I regret that I will not be on the board as much anymore

I considered myself more as a lurker than a poster, but I posted when I had something to contribute. Most of the time I spent on this board was when I was at work. As of Friday I have been unable to get to the message board from work because they have it blocked by a filter. I can get to the main page and read the columns but anything at boads.straightdope.com is blocked. I know I can “get around” it using something like anonymizer but it’s not worth pissing off the powers that be if I’m caught doing it. So I will be here just less frequently.

Bummer, MannyL.

So that means you’ll actually have to work at work now, huh? :wink:

My sympathies to you. It’s communist thinking such as this that keeps certain sites off the acceptable lists. If the network admins would only take a second or two to see that our sites are not illegal or subversive, I think you and I would have a much easier time. . .

Props to ya, bro . . .


Hey! I do work, but you know when there are no calls and you have internet access where else to go but someplace stimulating. Now if I fall asleep between calls I can see you took away my SD!

Thanks first it was Deja’s Usenet access they blocked that hurt me. There is good tech info there and now SD what is the world comming to?

Throw in a line about how this site’s about fighting ignorance, and you’ll be back on, guaranteed. Come on, who can argue with a purpose like that? :slight_smile:

You want to talk to the people in IS manager for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Or give me a new job?

Heh, I’d do both if it’d make any difference for you. (Anything for someone who also has a first name-last inital-no space in between SN!)

My advice to you is to install ICQ if you don’t already have it, and find someone to send messages to all day. :slight_smile:

Heheh thanks. Actually ICQ is also blocked and so is Yahoo IM but I can access AOL’s Java IM and chat at night (one my manager leaves) but I’m going to miss da dope at night.

Audrey what state are you in?

<insert joke about state of confusion, denial, etc.>

I’m in Hawaii.

Well I’m usually in the state of confusion. Seriously any need for MCSE’s there paying a decent wage? I think this should go to mail so lets take it there