I Rode Her To VICTORY!

In ancient Egypt, the Middle Kingdom period ended when Egypt was invaded from the north by the “Hyksos,” the “foreign kings” who ruled for 200 years before the pharaoh Ahmose kicked 'em out.

The only reason the Hyksos successfully invaded was because they had chariots. The Egyptians had never even seen a horse.

This was one of the major points I taught in my History class yesterday. After yapping at the kids awhile, I passed out a worksheet to “check for understanding.”

Among the questions on it were: “Who were the Hyksos? Why did the Egyptians surrender without a fight?”

Please note that I teach special ed – “resource history.”

Several people remarked that the amazing technology that gave the Hyksos the advantage included “hores.”

One chap remarked that the Hyksos were “red headed barbarians who rode Hores and killed all the Eggptans.”

I gave 'em credit. If I counted off for spelling, I’d be failing everyone. I did not, however, explain why I was snickering uncontrollably as I graded their papers…

One young lad, upon seeing on his worksheet the question “Who were the Hyksos?” answered, “The Hyksos and their Hores came charging out of the North to lay waste to all of Egypt.”

Helluva mental picture, there, I’ll tell you that…

Well, now I know what I’m going to be doing next time I get to Vegas…if I could get enough like-minded people, maybe we could invade Utah or something.


Yeah, you have a point. From what I hear, they’ve never seen a “hore” in Utah, either…

Hearing the words “New Technology” to describe the word “Hores” (sic) makes my meat and two veg retract with caution, if you catch my drift…

Funny story.

After a presentation I gave for the kids at Children’s Day here at work, one mother confided in me that her daughter was disappointed that she never got to see the “oil whales” I’d been talking about.

Probably historically accurate, too, given that most armies have camp followers.

Interesting that, (until I post here of course,) that the MPSIMS thread list read:

“I Rode Her To VICTORY!”
“Grippage? Grippage??”



What did we ever do to you slortar ?


Not to hear it from the Salt Lake City police …
prostitute busting is the thing to do when there is bad publicity for the department. Sort of a “See we are busting our chops to keep you safe” thing.

Now “hores” I dunno about… horses on the other hand we have to abundance!

Yeah, actually, now that I think about it, I’ve never heard “hores” described as “technology.”

Makes you wonder about the Hyksos research and development facilities, don’t it?

Well, I’d be willing to overlook a bit of looting, raping and pillaging if there were a popular revolt in Utah ahead of our invasion. Hint, hint.

What kind of lab coat would a barbarian scientist wear when doing research?

Black lab, probably. Skinned and tanned.

When I saw the thread title " I Rode Her To VICTORY!", I thought: Wang-Ka had a date last night.

Well, Wang-Ka often has dates.

Then again, Wang-Ka is married.

And gentlemen don’t tell. :smiley:


As I was reading along today mention came up of the Hyksos. The theory was put forth that the so called invasion was more of a “cultural invasion” than a military one. Its not the first time I have seen that recently… you may have to reassess the veracity of the students answers as it might well have been a “charm and seduce” operation after all!

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