I saw _____ but thought I was going to see _____

OpalCat started a thread called Does “Dancer in the Dark” get better? and I was tempted to be a smartass and say “What did you expect? Singin’ in the Rain?” but decided the idea might be fun enough for a separate thread where one movie’s title is close enough to another’s that watching one and expecting the other could be a traumatic experience or at least one where you’d want to bail out pretty quickly.

As a for instance, suppose you saw the marquee read Deep Throat and you went ahead and paid for a ticket expecting to see a movie based on Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts. Just how would you relate to that obvious error?

What are some other titles that might be confused for something totally at the other end of your expectations spectrum?

My neighbor had **Stranger than Fiction ** out for rent and I said, Wow, a classic! I was thinking Stranger than Paradise. :smack: But I guess they’re each quirky in their own way.

28 Days and 28 Days Later. One is about shrieking beings crashing around in the woods and the other is 28 Days Later.

I suppose that some younger person who had heard all the great things about Shane being a pacesetter classic Western might have been at least a tad disappointed to pay full price for Shine. Maybe not.

There have been a few occasions as I’m browsing Netflix offerings when I’ve had the urge to see if American Pie is a faithful representation of Don McLean’s song.

And I have been tempted to see if The Other Side of Midnight might be an upbeat variation on Midnight Cowboy.

A variant on the OP:
Due to miscommunication and incorrect theater signs, I once wandered into a theater and was treated to the first couple of minutes of The Green Mile instead of Galaxy Quest, which I was supposed to be watching with one of my sisters and her kids.

Or Shine vs. The Shining. :eek:

Kinda related - but I remember when the film “Porky’s” came out and many parents took their kids to it expecting some connection to Porky Pig.

“Band of Brothers” vs. “Boys in the Band”?

How about “Carrie” vs. “Carrie”

How many of us can remember our initial reaction to the announcement that HBO was going to have an in-house production of a series called The Sopranos? It took the second season or at least some word-of-mouth before I realized it wasn’t some silly opera show or a Broadway musical concept!

I knew someone who went to see Looking for Mr. Goodbar, thinking that she was going to see The Goobye Girl

THAT was a severe disappointment.

Way back when, I kept getting the movies American Beauty and American Pie confused. I couldn’t understand why everyone was rolling their eyes at me and slowly backing away when I would go on about how I couldn’t wait to see American Pie!

Some parents taking their kids to see The Aristocrats might be upset by the lack of talking cartoon cats.

If my vote counts, this one wins the thread!

There have been reports to the effect that this really happened.

Several times in the last few weeks I’ve noticed that A Shot In The Dark was playing on HBO. Every time I have to remind myself that Peter Sellers is not involved in finding Adrian Grenier’s father.

When I was nine, my grandmother, poor soul, took my brother and me to see Hitchcock’s The Birds, thinking it was a documentary. I had nightmares for weeks (but loved the movie).

Someone who thought “The Devil in Miss Jones” was “The Devil and Miss Jones” might be in for a shock.

Trainspotting and Transporter.

My ex-girlfriend’s mother went to see Leaving Las Vegas expecting to see Nicholas Cage in a delightful romantic comedy sequel to her favorite movie, Honeymoon in Vegas.

Was the mother named Gena, by any chance?

I saw: Snakes on a Plane

I thought I was going to see: Something good.