I saw a girl put her Butt on her Head and it was just wrong

While watching Star Search I saw a young girl dancing. At the end of her dance she ended up in a pose where she was lying on her belly with her back arched behind her. The really disturbing thing was her butt was touching the back of her head. Backbones are not meant to bend that much.

ICK. My back started hurting upon seeing this freak of nature.

ICK, ICK, ICK I say. What happened to decent TV where you could expect to see people blown to pieces? Now we have to watch young girls twist themselves into pretzels to win a cheap game show.

ICK, say I.


Nothing new to me, My co-worker had his head up his ass all the time…

Hope you never see my friend floating around in a swimming pool with his legs behind his head.

with enough neck stretching, she could sit on her own face and never again leave her bedroom!

Ah, contortionists. They make their own bodies into special effects. I remember a photo of a female contortionist that ran in Penthouse many years ago that I saw. Her tongue was apparently as flexible as her back. And it was VERY flexible.

Ah, yes, Lady Infinity the Orgasmic Pretzle. I remember it well.

Gah, I saw that portion of that Star Search episode. My friends and I all just sat there going, “Aaaaggh!! That’s so wrong and freaky!” Especially when she did that thing where she was on her chest and basically walked her legs around her head. Eeeeeeee.

She’s only 9 years old. I wonder how that’s going to affect her physical development. ::shudder:: weeeird.

His name isn’t Bob, by any chance? :smiley: