I saw a Victory motorcycle yesterday

I guy came to the shop yesterday riding a Polaris Victory motorcycle. First I’ve ever heard of it. His didn’t have as much chrome as the one on the link. The engine was a big, ugly, black crinkle-finished slab. The headlight bucket was also black-crinkle. The left side of the engine case said “92 cubic inches” in large font. The rider said that was so that Harley drivers would know his bike is bigger. “Made in the U.S.A.” was somewhat prominent on the rear fender, no doubt so that Harley drivers would not disparage it as “Jap Crap”.

Cruisers are not my style; especially not loud ones. Give me handling that cuts through corners like a razor, and four high-revving cylinders making lots of smooth, quiet power; all in a light frame and a slippery shell. But I can see how this kind of bike would appeal to some people.

One thing that struck me was that the tires seemed too small for the machine. The rear fender in particuler is massive. The wheel and tire just looked out of place. (You can’t really see it in the link.) The front wheel also looks a little small, as can be seen in the photo.

That has got to be the butt-ugliest bike I have seen in a very long time.

Well-I can tell you they are made in the USA. I work in the factory where they are made. :slight_smile:

[http://www.victorymotorcycles.com/victory/default.aspx](Victory Motorcycles)

:smack: Bear with me, I’m learning.

Victory Motorcycles

Ah, more overpriced, underpowered, American made crap.

And Johnny, while I agree with you about the handling, I’ll take V-Twins over inline fours any day of the week.

We live about 2 blocks away from a dealer that sells Victory, Indian, and BMC motorcycles.

Some are very nice looking, some are just strange looking.

Most of them are LOUD.

They test drive them down our street and it’s literally window shaking loud.

Sets off someone’s car alarm every time as they drive by.