I saw an owl tonight.

About 21.00.

I went out the back of the warehouse to check there were no slackers having a crafty fag and there was this bloody great owl sitting on a skip.

Not something a city boy like me sees every day.

They’re quite common around my place and I live within about 500 metres of the North Sydney CBD.



We get them around here a lot, last year there were two babies on a stump in the front yard. I tried to get a picture but the flash wasn’t strong enough. Very cool looking birds, how close did you gey you it?

Don’t owls portend death?

My uncle tells a great story about how he went waaaay out in the country in Georgia to see a friend. He says he arrived right at sunset, and he got out of his car to open the gate on the road (his friend owned a bunch of land, and his “driveway” was gated,) and as he bent over to unlatch the gate, he saw what appeared in the twilight to be three tiny people staring back at him from the underbrush.

He nearly shat himself, jumped back about ten feet, and upon a second look, realized that there were three screech owls sitting on the ground, silently watching him.

He says he can totally understand where ancient stories about elves, dwarves, and other “little people” came from. :slight_smile:

They certainly do for the mice around our neighbourhood.

I was once working outside at a remote microwave radio site on a frosty November evening , complete with full moon. Suddenly a barn owl swooped just over my head, in complete silence. After first scaring the s*** out of me I then realised what a wonderful site they are. I have heard that these large white owls are sometimes the source of reported ghost sightings.

I was pulling into a strip mall one day. It was broad daylight. I pulled my car in and as I was getting out, I saw this HUGE f’n owl sitting atop the building (Directly over me) My heart must of skiped about three beats, I know for sure.

The sad part about all this is; IT WASN’T A REAL OWL!

Man, talk about feeling REALLY stupid afterwords… :smack:

There is a Native American legend that says, if you hear an owl call your name, you shall die soon.

On the other hand, my old tomcat, Clapton, caught & killed several small owls, so maybe he was even more supernatural than they.

A slight hijack, but this is too funny not to share:I Heard The Owl Call My Name


I guess that’s why “Hoo” or “Hoot” isn’t a popular Native American name.

I would only be amused by that if your cat were named Daltrey.

I’ve known a couple of superstitious northen New Mexico Hispanics that absolutely hated them because of it.

I see small owls all the time. I work at one place that has a large fake owl to scare away pigeons and there is a small one (Burrowing Owl I suppose) that always comes and just stands next to him for long periods of time.

Yeah, I thought of you as soon as I found that site: these people would liven up Cafe Society no end.

Hmmmmmmmm if it were a British owl, perhaps it said whom?

Owls are great looking birds and since they are deep woods birds, are rarely seen by us city folk.
Just as a bit of trivia I think they are the onlly animal that will attack a skunk.

:frowning: Poor owls.

To the OP: Wow, that’s really cool…I saw a woodpecker last year near one of the busiest intersections in Albany. I had to run back to work and identify it on the Internet.

Owls are cool.

It’s Farley Mowat! points to OP