I saw my first Segway!

I first learned about these revolutionary personal transport thingies right here on the Dope, and giggled at the thought of anyone actually buying/using one, and today I saw one. The lady driving…er, standing…riding? The lady operating it was even cruising up a slight hill as we passed her, it appeared to have no problem with the incline or keeping her balanced. She was putting along about 5 mph maybe, although that might have been a slower pace because of the hill.

I looked them up and there are three authorized dealers in the greater metro area here, who knew? It didn’t appear to be a test drive or advertisement in the making, no one was around her or filming her so people really buy those things, neato!

Anyone else ever seen one in action?

The only ones I’ve seen in action have belonged to dealers. (I’ve taken a couple of 30-second rides too :smiley: ). The only other one I’ve seen was parked outside a store.

I’d like to see more out there. I’d get one (assuming for the moment I could afford one), but I don’t want to be “that guy with the Segway”.

I saw my first last week. We were on vacation, in Arches National Monument, and a lady was at one of the overlooks in (on?) one. She was not moving, just standing, and the seqway was quietly inching back and forth to keep her balance. I thought it was marvelously cool. We didn’t take a pic, tho’ 'cause she was obviously mobility-impaired. I assumed it would be rude, so we just said hello, and went on to the overlook.

Queen Tonya where in Motown did you see this?

I think they are the neatest thing evar !

I think a vastly superior personal transport device is the unicycle. I mean, they’re cheaper, and they help to build balancing abillity.

I saw one downtown some months ago. The guy looked like he was really moving down the sidewalk. It made me wonder if pedestrians find them annoying.

I know a guy who used to commute down Bay Street through the financial district on a unicycle. I wish he wore a suit doing it.

These were just average people going about their Segway-enhanced lives, not marketers raising the buzz or whatever?

Last year I ran into a flock of marketers giving out info while riding Segways, but I haven’t seen any in normal day-to-day use around here. Perhaps theis is because their status as vehicles is still unclear in Toronto.

I did find this from April 25th:

Westland, on Venoy heading to Mi Ave, rather a surprising area for an expensive toy like that.

If you ever get one, or even think of heading to Somerset for a test-ride, do please let me know so’s I can come giggle at you, m’kay? :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw Disneyworld employees on them a couple years ago when I was in the secret backstage place before a parade I was in. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it.

Mobile security personnel at BWI Airport have them… it’s the only place I’ve actually seen them in use. The best part is the officers riding on them sort of look like if anything actually comes up, the first thing they’ll do will be get off the damn Segway and start moving with halfway useful speed and mobility.

They’re one of those things that is pretty cool looking, but not particularly easy to look cool on.

Downtown Cleveland is crawling with them.
One can take a test ride for about a half-hour for a fee.

Or one can go on a sightseeing tour of Cleveland. An entire caravan of Segways led by a tourguide.

I’m at Disney World this week, and coincidentally, today I saw a Disney worker riding a Segway. She was riding the Segway and pulled up to a refreshment cart, then stepped off to talk to another worker. I assumed that she was a manager of some sort, although she did have a name tag.

The only other time I saw one was at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse in Cincinnati. We were leaving the restaurant, walking back to our car, and a woman was riding the Segway towards the restaurant. She was playful with it…she acted as if she was going to run us over, then turned at the last second.

I would love to have one of those things, but there is absolutely no way I could justify the expense. (I’m still trying to figure out how I can justify a motorcycle!!)

I think they are neat, but the only practical use I can think for them would be to rent to tired tourists. Install a thingee so you can find them if they are stolen, another thingee to limit them to a certain area. Give me an imprint of your credit card and have a good time.

I thought they would be useful in a warehouse or aircraft hangar. In fact bikes work just fine in those situations.

I’ve never seen one in real life, and the idea of actually buying and using one as everyday transport strikes me as ridiculous. You may as well have “I’m a twat” branded on your forehead.

I think it’s perfectly appropriate that they will be forever associated in my mind with G.O.B. from Arrested Development.

I saw a flock* of these things running along the footpath in downtown Salt Lake City once. Boy they looked weird all inclining along together, you felt like you should tilt your head accordingly in order to see them properly.

  • we need a better collective noun than this. A Continuity? An Inclination? Suggestions welcome.

I saw one here in Prague two months ago. Guy toolin’ down the sidewalk talking on his mobile.

There is a dealership here that also sells Sharper Image type stuff.


How 'bout… a melee of Segways.

I saw two kidss on them yesterday, standing there having a conversation. They looked pretty trippy just standing totall still and not falling over. I have a question. When you “park” the thing does it stand up by itself or do you need to lean it against something? If it parked standing full upright that would really trip me out.

Mmmn… how about a Montage?

Ya know a bunch of segway’s all in a bunch, it’s gotta be a montage.

Always fade out in a montage… :smiley:

funny you mention this. I saw a cop in Annapolis riding one just last week. He was moving at a good clip, too. I have to say, it’s not exactly something that’s going to make a law enforcement officer look particularly bad ass.