I saw Will Smith in "7 pounds" tonight

What a POS! Save your money.

The reviews i’ve read said pretty much the same thing. I won’t be wasting my time or money.

One of the TV reviewers said the movie is better if you forget the last nine minutes.

What’s the premise? Is he searching for people to donate organs to?

If I wanted to see a movie that ended that way, I’d watch

Jesus of Montreal

And it’ll make $100,000,000

I wouldn’t count on it.


Roger Ebert’s review made me want to see it; might wait for the DVD, though.

Would someone post a brief summary, including the spoiler about the ending?

I second that.

[spoiler]Will Smith is an IRS agent who picks several names from the data base and goes to meet them them and learn about them and tells them he can help them. He refuses to talk about his past or explain why he’s doing this. Near the end it’s revealed that he caused a car accident which killed his wife and six other people who were in the other car. He then commits suicide and donates a bunch of his organs to six other people (to the 7th person he leaves a house). He has repaid “seven pounds” of flesh to seven deserving people.

Also, it turns out he’s not really an IRS agent and that he’s stealing his brother’s identity.

The stupidest thing about the movie is the “vegetarian dog.”[/spoiler]

Thanks Diogenes

I’m not reading this thread because I don’t want to be spoiled just because I know I will see this at some point. Still, for those who do the “won’t give money to $cientology” thing, I’m just passing this along without comment.

Will Smith Gives $122,500 To Scientology

Just, FYI.


So my guess as to what the plot was going to be is almost the opposite of what it is. Hmm.

I thought he was going to seem helpful to “random strangers,” but really go after the seven people who somehow caused the death of wife and/or his child(ren) and demand retribution i.e.“a pound of flesh” from each.

I’d rather see “my” version, frankly.

That would have been a much better movie.

Wait, that’s the plot twist at the end? I honestly figured it was the basic premise of the film that would be set up at the beginning. And I managed to work out that it was something like that from the commercials.

The stupidest thing about the movie is the “vegetarian dog.”

That was about the point it went beyond redemption and you realized the boundaries of stupidity in the film are without limit. How big a fucking hole in your head do you have to have to let that into a script? I mean that’s room temperature IQ nonsense and yet it was approved at all levels as some sort of an endearing trait for the character to have vs an indicator of mental retardation.

I guess someone has to be the voice of dissent. I saw it the other night and liked it. A lot. The one thing that bothered me wasWoody Harrelson’s suddenly brown eyes. They had me wanting to yell “you can’t donate entire eyes!”. Also, the “test” for Harrelson’s character was dumb; not blowing up verbally at an abusive customer doesn’t make you a decent person, it makes you someone who wants to keep his job.

Someone had “acquired” this at a party I was at yesterday. We had more fun making snarky comments than if we had actually paid good money to see it. I’m warning people away.

[spoiler]The dog was the logical lowpoint of the movie. When Emily started talking about how they only have a lifespan of 7 years, my reaction was, “And you thought that was too long?” But the ending, which had the implication of her getting together with Woody, struck us as deeply creepy.

Of course, we thought the way he acted for the whole movie was creepy. And the idea that people would buy that an IRS agent was making house calls, sitting in on doctor/patient conferences, etc. was just deeply bizarre. Our best theory was that, with Obama in office, the whole government will become kinder and more helpful. I’m waiting for wandering IRS agents to come shovel my walk for me![/spoiler]

I’m waiting for wandering IRS agents to come shovel my walk for me!

Thanks for the laugh, Punkyova.

The stupidest thing about the movie is the “vegetarian dog.”

Regarding this, there are actually one (or two) commercial diets of this type available, and they are AAFCO (I think that’s the acronym) certified.

It didn’t even look good to me, so I won’t be seeing it.