I saw zombies at the supermarket.

So -prions cause mad cow disease in cows and CJD in humans right?Most Americans consume large(#1 in the world) quantity of beef and with that we ingest prions .With testing for mad cow disease almost nonexistent I would say we propably are in serious trouble.

Maybe prions accumulate in human brains and inccubate there and wait for something to trigger them into the acction.Because we eat large quantity of beef we are so affected and my hypotetical scenario is this.-Lets say burst of high energy radiation (gamma ) or some other impulse causes all the prions in brains to suddenly malform ,in short time almost 300 million people starts to have first symptoms of disease after few days is getting worst and worst cars crash into another planes too,people are becoming very aggressive to each another etc,etc.In other words complete chaos ,we would become zombies .No need to watch “dawn of the living dead” again :smiley:

Some were having the hardest time figuring out why their coupons, which had expired a month previously, were not being accepted by the cashier. Others were simply staring at the shelves, having long forgotten what items they expected to see there. One particular shining example of zombiehood simply stood motionless in line with a blank expression on its face as its progeny wailed and shrieked in the basket.

Stupid American beefeating zombies.

I wondered why so many people were at the grocery at 7:00 this morning buying a month’s worth of food. I thought it was because whenever there is a hint of bad weather coming, people have the inane idea they have to stock up.

Thanks to nonpolar for explaining that to me.

Yeah, and what if, like, it turns out that sunshine makes your zucchini, like, mutate somehow into giant man-eating monsters?

Please stop inventing “hypothetical scenarios” involving topics about which you clearly know nothing, nonpolar.

I know a little bit.

So due to a burst of gamma radiation, prions would mutate and instead of the steady degradation that (IIRC) is characteristic of vCJD, sudden degradation of mental state resulting in zombies that still had the strength and muscle control to fight but not to control cars…

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

No, you really don’t.

I, for one, welcome our new zombie overlords.

[stewie]“men be acting all like zombies at the mall”. oh yes. you’re a funny man.[/stewie]

Moving this from IMHO to MPSIMS.