I seem to have completely lost my taste for self-abuse.

(No, not THAT kind.)

I quit smoking pot years ago. Cigarettes make me feel awful. Now, I can’t even seem to sport a moderate drunk. The hangover the next day just isn’t worth it.

What on earth is the matter with me? :confused: I used to be a hard partier!

You’re growing up, AKA “getin’ too old for that shit”. :wink:

I was thinking this thread was going to be about a different kind of “self-abuse.”

I don’t think you outgrow that kind! :smiley:

Uh, if you can taste it you’re usually* doing it wrong.
*unless you’re into that sort of thing

Yeah, me too. Getting older means hangovers hit me harder than they did in my college days. The morning after even the hardest-assed college party, I usually woke up early feeling thirsty and craving some protein, but otherwise feeling well-rested and good to go. Nowadays, I never drink except once every couple weeks at the most, due to the hangover (which starts anywhere from 2-5 hours after my first drink, makes me headachy and dehydrated and disoriented so all I want to do is fall into bed, unless I stop at two drinks). Which explains why I’ve held onto the same fifth of rum for a month now, and haven’t gotten fall-over drunk in a couple years.

But I’d still toke if I could. Weed makes me feel good and doesn’t give me hangovers like booze, so I don’t see a reason to avoid it.

The recovery time is definitely longer for me now that I’m in my mid 30s, but if I remember to force myself to drink lots of water I am usually ok. Sweating the next day also helps if you can force yourself to get some exercise.

I think it’s all in your frame of mind. I’m 53 and still like to party. When I wake up feeling less than great, I remind myself that I will feel better with every hour that goes by.

How old is your baby boy now? Maybe 18 months?

You could handle the “hangover the next day” when you weren’t expected to be on call at O’Diaper:30 in the morning. :wink:

And yeah, getting old sucks. I went down to grab lunch - the special was Chicken Parm - mmm, really good with melty cheese…which I didn’t have as I grabbed my salad and soup.