I shall never wash my washcloth again

You know, the one I use when I shower.
I got to thinking, which I’ll admit can be a bad idea, and wondered why I wash my washcloth. Think about it. I soap up the cloth real good, wash myself (thoroughly), then rinse it out completely. It has to be clean.
I even did an experiment: I didn’t wash the cloth or towel for a week or so, then sniffed both. The towel did gain a slight odor, but the cloth continued to smell fresh and very slightly soapy. Makes sense if you give it some thought. Right?
Maybe I’ll repeat the experiment, but get someone to check for harmful bacteria.
I can save about 180 washes per year. :cool:
Anybody wish to join in my campaign?
I’m serious.

Oh man - that should make sense, but…my wife hadn’t changed her poofy thing for a few weeks and it took on that Cat in the Hat pink ring color.

How do you explain that mister?

I tried this once. My cloth grew mold. Never again.

Well, poofy things were not in my experiment. But I’ve been thinking about getting one. I can do that because I’m single, and no one would ever know.

You gotta rinse! :rolleyes: :wink:
I’m thinking I should go longer next time, just to be fair.

The rinsing is of course key. It is also going to be important that the washcloth is thin enough fabric, and the humidity is low enough, to allow it to completely dry in a short enough time frame.

I’m sure there are journals interested in a thorough treatment of your data. Try *The Annals of Moist Linens * or the Academy of Washroom Research and Theory.

just a wild ass guess
but I think the main difference is your washcloth NEVER dries out in the shower, where it would in a dryer after a washing.

just food for thought and if you leave it in there long enough maybe you can eat the mold :wink:

No reason why you should rinse yourself off either!

Wait a second - are you saying you do 180 loads of laundry a year just for your washcloths?

I have a totally unreasonable and undoubtedly unscientific theory that my dryer kills germs and disinfects my laundry. I doubt my dryer–or anybody’s dryer–would get hot enough, because that would likely damage the fabrics…but I still think to myself, “Oooh, lots of hot air, constant rotation, leading to fluffy cleanliness!”

Maybe this is because I’m lazy and wash everything in cold water. So I want heat to hit my fabrics at some point.

Re: the OP, I don’t normally use washcloths, but when I have, I find it’s their stiff, unbending, coarse texture once they’ve dried that I decide is washer-worthy. Your theory could work, I suppose, as long as the washcloth was allowed to thoroughly dry in-between uses–preventing mould and icky damp stinkiness–but who wants to wash with a stiff, crispy washcloth?

When the dryer will yield a gloriously soft, fluffy one instead?

Your washer washes at hotter temperatures then the temepratures at which you shower. The latter allow for skin mold; the former don’t.

Inject. Not eat. As penicillin.
I think we’ve made a great discovery here.
And it does dry thoroughly. I hang it.

I don’t see your point.

I’m saying I wash a cloth maybe 180/yr. Every other day. Approximate.

Same temp. I felt the water with the knob set to “warm”. Maybe a little cooler in the washer. My clothes don’t get clean in pure cold water, but they do in tepid water.
I use Dial bath soap, which has a mild anti-bacterial ingredient. At least it used to. I like the way it smells.

I wet my cloth before I use it. :smack:
Fluffy goes away when wetted. I doubt one could feel any difference between a wet, soapy cloth that had been air dried, and one that had been force dried.

Your hands make a perfectly good washcloth and you don’t have to run them through the laundry .

That’s a pity, the poofy things is a good way to go. They dry out very quickly and according to my personal theory if they are used daily (all soaped up and rinsed well) they hardly ever need a visit to the washing machine (fortnightly…maybe monthly). Though I’m sure the theory works for wash cloths…surely they are the MOST washed thing we own!

Germophobic types are exposing us all to superbugs (well that is my tin foil hat theory!).

Yes, but my hands tend to stray.

Well, some areas require more thorough scrubbing than others. YMMV.