I Should Really Pay Attention to What I Put in My Mouth

Sorry for the disjointed rambling… it’s late here.

About two years ago I chipped my tooth while working at a local convenience store. The job being second rate and all, I didn’t have any sort of dental coverage to fix it and the job I got after quitting that one is only part time, so I still don’t have insurance. Or, in other words, it’s still chipped and oftentimes is a bitch.

Tonight it started acting up while I was lying in bed and trying to fall asleep. I tried ignoring it but it felt like I had a little demon inside my tooth poking at my raw nerves with his red hot trident. I couldn’t get comfortable and I wasn’t falling asleep anytime soon so I went to the bathroom to gargle… mouthwash sometimes helps dull the pain. Not tonight. I know I had to swish that putrid crap around my mouth for a good five minutes but my tooth kept throbbing.

Spitting out the rinse, I went to my room to grab what little was left of my Anbesol but after applying it, I found that even it didn’t work. Angered more than ever, I stomped into the kitchen where all the medicine is kept to grab some ibuprofen. Reaching into the darkened cabinet, I grabbed a bottle of what I presumed to be pain killers, opened it, grabbed two pills, and swallowed them dry… moments later realizing what I had just swallowed were a bit bigger than what I was used to.

Fearing the worst, I went to the dining room and turned on the light to see what it was I took; depakote… a thousand milligrams. Not really being sure what the medicine was for, I got online to ask someone, anyone, what it was and if I should be worried… I even IMed MTBochs, a bunch of good that did me… the useless bum didn’t know any more than I did but he did tell me to call the Poison Control Center which hadn’t even crossed my mind. I looked it up, called the operator and found out I was pretty much in the clear but not without having to fight back a bit of nausea at wondering just what the hell I might’ve gotten myself into for not being more careful.

Ugh… I’m a fucking moron.

So… out of curiousity what is the effect of this stuff

on a non-bi-polar person. Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m assuming nothing, since it must treat the neurotransmitters in the brain (which is what most anti-anxiety meds do) and corrects them, so if there’s nothing wrong, it does nothing?

Yes? No?

Depakote is also used to control seizures.

Not necessarily. I don’t know anything about this drug, but if, for instance, you took a drug to correct a deficiency of something, but you didn’t have a deficiency, then you’d have to deal with the effects of too much of that substance swimming around in your system.

Get cloves for when the tooth hurts, handful of cloves, pour some boiling water on them, let it sit and cool. When its cool enough to put in your mouth, do so. Sit there with a mouthful of warmish clovey-water and you will think you have gone to heaven.

I can’t afford the dentist either :frowning:

I’ve never seen any bad reactions from Depakote or Dilantin given to the wrong person. Maybe slightly nauseated, headachey or sleepy thats about it. I dont know for sure if Ive seen depakote med error but Ive seen a others with neurotransmitters, and no lasting effects.

Its still NOT a good thing to do. One question… if its your medicine cabinet… and someone in your household is on it… why didnt you ask them what it was for. And be more careful next time.

(This from the woman who had a big lip blister for a week from holding a glowing red snuffed-out match to it. My husband laughed so hard he dropped his beer…on my luggage.)

Its affects are a really good night’s sleep. Best I’ve had in ages. Might have to pop some the next time I have a bout of insomnia too.

Iteki: Clove water, check. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

juji_mojo: I wasn’t paying attention to what I grabbed. I thought I was getting the ibuprofen. Yeah, I know… really stupid. My stepdad and I are the only ones in the house that don’t take much medicine (and he’s just been diagnosed with lymphoma so soon, it’ll only be me) and I could’ve really hurt myself by taking some of the stuff that’s in there. :smack:

And migraines…I’m currently on it for that.

You might also try flossing on both sides of the tooth in question. Sometimes food gets caught and causes the pain. Probably a good idea while the clove water is cooling a bit.

Hi I hope it didnt sound preachy about “be more careful”. I guess since I work with nasty and toxic stuff, Im automatically more careful about MEDs.
(Not with matches obviously, or choice of inlaws. See my thread posted Feb 16/03 for THAT discussion.)

Hope you are feeling fine today.