I Signed Up For Fencing lessons

Fencing made the lightsaber duals in the new movies unwatchable for me. Whenever someone holds his lightsaber over his his hard in one of those dramatic poses, all I see is an unguarded torso.

Very cool. Keep us posted.

Just remember, your name is NOT “Inigo Montoya”.

But you would make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts.

Of course.

NO ONE would surrender to the Dread Pirate BMalion. :rolleyes:

Wow cool… Enjoy mate!

And I am not left-handed.

I used to fence epee’, loved it.

My instructor told me" L4L, you’re supposed to be scoring points off of your opponent…not trying to kill him. "

You’ll get strong legs.

Good luck, you won’t regret it.

Start doing ballet exercises at home. Plie until you can plie no more.

I’m doing the stretches that the coach reccomended every night after work. My first class is May 3rd. I’m already sore.

I took fencing at school, university (briefly) and live across the road from the venue used by one of the UK’s top fencing schools. I’ve done three courses there, and enjoyed them all. It’s a lot more physically demanding than I’d thought (mostly on the thighs) and a lot more regimented (with the wires, gear, referees, rules and the like). Lots of fun though - hope you enjoy it!

Fencing is unique, in my mind, among most sports in that it is exactly as fun as it looks.

I haven’t fenced in years (had a sorta-kinda falling out with a member of my college’s club that made attending awkward) but would love to get back into it. I originally learned foil in high school, and fenced for a year and change with all three swords in college. Never really competitively, although I always fared well sparring with others of my experience level.

I’m an epee fan myself, although all three blades have their strengths.

Of course last night I watched By The Sword, with F. Murray Abraham from 1991. Not the best movie made but a helluva lot of fencing.

Of course the best fencing scene in any movie is the brief encounter between Klitz and Eli in The Girl Next Door.

That sounds totally fun, I’m envious. I’ve been wating to train in fencing for a long time, but I’m pretty much at max capacity for hobbies at present.

Your movie title reminded me: if you haven’t already read it, I really enjoyed By the Sword: A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swashbucklers, and Olympic Champions. It’s about the history of the sword in general, but the emphasis is on fencing. If nothing else it’ll whet your appetite even further.

Thank you. bought it 3 years ago, I’ve read it twice, time for a re-read.

Great book, thanks for bringing it up.

tonight: Scaramouche!

I took a couple of semesters of fencing in college, it was a blast. I preferred epee to foil, but they were both a lot of fun. Drills and conditioning, advancing and lunging up and down the gym for 15 minutes at a time was exhausting.

Yeah. Anyone who really knows how to fence could kick Sith ass.
I thought fencing lessons was a standard part of actor training (for Shakespeare, if nothing else) and that there was usually an expert on the set of any movie involving duels. I wonder if Lucas had one, or if he didn’t care.

Bob Anderson, who is very well-respected in the industry, worked on all three of the original SW movies. Nick Gillard was the stunt coordinator for the three prequels, and ISTR he was the primary swordfighting choreographer for them (though I may be mistaken).

Holding the sword over your head and charging, like an Evil Guard is of course stupid and designed to make the hero look good.

However standing on guard like that is a different matter. It is an invitation for you to attack the area that seems open, which will be met by a step off line and a cut to the arm or, head, or some other counter designed to defeat an attack to the obvious opening.

Guards where you hold the sword cocked like a baseball bat, or held at the waist pointed toward the ground are the same way. It’s a standard principle in fencing. Take a guard that insures an attack will be predictable, either because there is only one opening available or because you are providing some kind of bait they will be foolish enough to take.

A la fin d’envoi, je touche!

The boy was a fencer back in the day- something I’ve always wanted to try.