I Signed Up For Fencing lessons

So last night i finely signed up.

6 week beginner course in foil, epee and sabre.

Really looking forward to this, i’ve got to get back into shape and I am not a gym kind of guy.

I love swords and have always wanted to “take a stab” at european fencing.

En guard!

Good luck. Keep us posted on how it goes. I’ve always considered taking fencing lessons - if nothing else, I want to be trained with some type of edged weapon in the event of a zompocolypse

I’ve got some questions, but I suspect you won’t know much of the specifics until you’ve taken a few classes.

Wow, you didn’t sign up in Hudson did you? My friends just started a month or so ago. So far they are not very forthcoming with how they like (or dislike) it.

Glad you found something fun to do to keep moving!

I’m jealous! I wanted to do that too, but when I looked into the one local fencing club I could find it was prohibitively expensive. :frowning:

Only six weeks and all three weapons being covered? Heavy.

Have fun, and keep your brain in the point.

You can practice at my place. I have a fence that’s falling down.

Be prepared for sore butt muscles…

The lessons start with foil, I think thats the focus.

No, not Hudson, Lakewood, Cyrano’s Place.

Great fun. I was on the fencing team briefly in school. You’ll have a blast.
One note: DO NOT show up with your neighbor’s stereo. They will call the police on you.

Pardon? :confused:


a. One who receives and sells stolen goods.
b. A place where stolen goods are received and sold.

4. To sell (stolen goods) to a fence.

4. To act as a conduit for stolen goods.


Enjoy! I took a semester of fencing in college, then spent a few years with a theatrical fencing group after I graduated. I loved it, and it’s one of those things I wish I could get back to.


I took fencing in college and had a lot of fun - well, except for this tall, thin black woman who just destroyed me.
She was so good - man, she could stick that epee into the same exact spot time after time until it started to hurt, even with the padding!
I hated and envied her skill at the same time.

Still, I really liked that class although I went in with low expectations. I remember thinking I would like to take another class someday, but the opportunity never came again.

My 10-year-old is starting a beginners fencing class (épée only) this Friday. He’s been wanting to for years and is now old enough. I hope he loves it.

Dang, I wish I could get to Lakewood (or Hudson) on a regular basis! I still have all my equipment from when I fenced competitively in college – women’s epee.

When you lose a match, be sure to exclaim…

“Curses! Foiled again!”


Have fun! I took foil for 2 of my 4 PE requirements in college. I was never very good at it, but it was a lot of fun. And, when the Sith attack, you’ll be ready.

i always say:

“Lightly I toss my hat away,
Languidly over my arm let fall
The cloak that covers my bright array –
Then out swords, and to work withal!
A Launcelot in his Lady’s hall…
A Spartacus, at the Hippodrome!..
I dally awhile with you, dear jackal,
Then, as I end the refrain, thrust home!”

So what kind of fencing are you doing? Picket? Page wire? Chain-link? :slight_smile: