I sing the praises of the Madonna Inn

Inspired, oddly enough, by this thread:

Many of you left-coasters probably know about the Madonna Inn in California between SF and LA. When I was a tot my family stayed there, and we were simultaneously appalled and delighed by its tackiness. I think we might have stayed in the Yosemite Rock room, although I’m remembering something more like a Shell Grotto that doesn’t seem to be among the room choices anymore. At any rate, the place seems to have expanded since my time, and added some amenities, and there seems to be less Pepto-Bismol Pink coloration about the place, although they have retained sufficient pink trim on the outside for sentimental purposes – I definitely recall the whole exterior drenched in Pepto Pink, and many people talking about the Pink Hotel when I was growing up in SoCal.

What I remember most about our trip, though, was the checkout. This was in, say, 1978, a time by which many credit cards had been in well established use, in large business such as hotels. My stepfather pulls out his American Express card, and the hotel cashier says “Oh, we don’t take credit cards. Mr. Madonna doesn’t like credit cards.”

Oh. We had to delay checkout and go get cash, and my parents never tired of telling the story. Imagine. A hotel that didn’t take credit cards. Presumably this has changed, because now they take reservations online.

Anyway, some of my favorite rooms:
The American Home (“tastefully decorated”? Bwah.)
Carin, the honeymoon suite. “There are gold cherub lights suspended from the ceiling, and lovebirds adorn the bath.” Do you need to know more?
The Caveman Room, which kinda reminds me of Graceland’s Jungle Room – it’s the bedspread
The Crystal Room – it’s very, very pink
Irish Hills are very, very green
What’s Left: “The decor of this room was actually produced from odds and ends leftover from our overall decorating project. See for yourself! If things don’t match it was intended that way! Room is furnished with a king-sized bed. This room does not have air-conditioning.”

No a/c? Now I’m sold!

looks at pictures

immediately falls to the floor frothing and twitching uncontrollably

This sounds like the same place that was featured on the Travel Channel’s 10 Best Bathrooms, or something like that.

If it is, I believe the SLO Dopefest was there a couple years ago.

Driven by there a million times, always wanted to stop. Thanks for the links!

The Madonna Inn is in my college town, but somehow we never got around to staying there (in college it was too expensive…we thought about it recently but looked at the rooms and the cost and said…no…we’ll go to the Garden Street Inn for our theme-room needs instead.)

Even so, I’d still rather stay at The Gobbler–too bad it’s not around anymore. A few years ago at Gen Con we were all set to make a pilgrimage when we found out that it was no more.

Yeah, we did have SLODope there in July of 2001 (seems so long ago now ;)).

Some crummy pictures here.

Many stayed in the Pick and Shovel Room(psy and I had our own room, thank god.) It was so much fun. We came this || close to getting kicked out. Phew.

Holy cow, it’s a Sims hotel!

Hello? You weren’t even at the Madonna Inn! You weren’t close to getting kicked out cause you weren’t staying there!

Now, close to getting arrested (or maybe just fined) at Pismo Beach, that’s different.

I remember checking the place out many years ago as a stop during a road trip. They have that famous waterfall urinal in the lobby men’s room. I had to take a pee really bad but all of there were these three couples in there checking it out and taking pictures. After waiting and staring at them for a while I finally whipped it out and did my business. I hope that it photographed well.


I want to stay in the Caveman Room and take a shower under a waterfall!

There are
some more crummy pictures here :wink:
SloDope was a long time ago, wasn’t it? We should have another one - maybe enough time has gone by that they won’t remember us at the Madonna Inn. :wink:

There are a couple pictures of the urinal mentioned in my link - Yes, I went into the men’s restroom and took them myself.

Well that’s what I meant to imply by saying we got our own room. TOO BAD YOU CAN’T READ KYLA!

Actually, we WERE almost kicked out a few times. Kicked out of the parking lot. Remember?!

Finally, at least I know how to use a “zip”.

You said you had YOUR OWN ROOM. That implies you had a room at the Madonna Inn. But you did NOT. So, you are lame.

That’s true, we did get kicked out of the parking lot. But that was okay cause then we went dancing, which was hella fun.

And finally, a “zip”? What the fuck are you talking about?

When we stayed there, about seven years ago, we had some sort of boring Wild West room. However, I did go to the bathroom, check out it was empty, and invite my wife and daughters in for a look. The men’s restroom is much better than the women’s.

I’ve been to better theme rooms at other, shall we say more adult, motels though.