I sold a cake for $40.00..

…but when I delivered it, I felt guilty about the price and only charged the guy $35.00. :dubious: It was a chocolate cinnamon layer cake with a pudding type icing.

One of the neighborhood mom’s had her 5th baby recently and I took dinner over (stew, fresh bread and cake). When I asked her kids how they liked the cake, they told me their parents wouldn’t let them have any “because they said it was too good for kids to eat.” So I called her up and teasingly shamed her ( :slight_smile: ) telling her if she knew how easy it was to make that cake she would be embarrased about not giving the kids any and promising to bring another one sometime.

Anyway, her husband called and wanted to buy that same cake for $40.00 for an office party. I knocked that puppy out, gave it a professional looking finish (instead of the homemade look of the first one) and added some beading to the base and some design to the top, boxed it up and delivered it, all on the same day.

Now that I have him in my evil cake clutches, I’m going to make that family some other cakes I make that are pretty good and soon the whole family will be addicted to my baking.

If I get in a good mood soon I’ll sent them a chocolate mousse bouche noel, or maybe an almond one. I’m hoping to make meringe squirrels for them this year. wouldn’t that be cute!?

And, no, I don’t make them from scratch. I’ve found that people have eaten cakes from the grocery store boxes for so long, they don’t really like cakes-from-scratch anymore. It’s easier for me, too.

You sound like one hell of a baker, and one really horrible business person.

$40 for a cake? That is nothing! Gee - even a crappy Walmart cake goes for upwards of $25.00 and it sounds like yours was light-years better. And hubby wouldn’t have offered to pay it if he didn’t think it was worth it!

I read that Mrs Fields once explained the reason for her “pricey” cookies. She said she calculated what it would cost the average person to make the same cookies: the time it took to go shopping for the ingredients, the price of the ingriedients, the preparation time and the cost of the gas/electric oven.

Now…do that same calculation and I bet you are starting to see the $40 is not exactly out of line - not to say one should pay you for your obvious talents.

So, next time you are in Las Vegas, you can come to my house, try out about 30 or 40 recipes and I will continue to help you with Bakery Business 101.

(Seriously - you might have found a niche market. Sell a few wedding cakes a month and you can really afford to come and visit here in Las Vegas and do it up right!)

Oh, good for you!

This brings up wonderful memories of one of my good friend’s mother, who passed away a few years ago. She actually baked cakes semi-professionally, and was one of the warmest people I’ve ever known. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about her - thanks for sparking the memory, Ca3799!

I thought the same thing but maybe a little bit more nicely! (I don’t think Dmark was intending to be mean or anything.)

You should realize that in all likelihood, your neighbor is getting reimbursed by his company for the cake and doesn’t care how much you charged. The company probably doesn’t care either. And $40 for a cake is CHEAP. Just how big was it? The bakery we get our office cakes from charges about $25-$30 for a 6" layer cake and nobody bats an eyelash at that. I have a feeling your cake was bigger than 6" in diameter.

How long did it take to make? That’s shopping, prepping, baking, cooling, frosting, cleaning up, and delivering time. Let’s say the ingredients cost $10. Let’s say $5.00, which I think is really low. How about how much is the electricity, the cleaning products, the sponge, the wooden spoon, the bowls, the shoe leather to walk over and deliver it?

I repeat: $40 is way, way cheap for a hand-delivered fresh-baked cake. Unless it was positively gross-tasting, which is doesn’t sound like it was.

Now, if you need people to practice on, I’ll send you my address and you can FedEx me any cake you want! :wink:

$40 for a cake is cheap? Hey, Ca3799’s cake is probably worth it, but I thought you could get a high quality 12" bakery cake for less.

I think I’ll stick with the $3 Duncan Hines yellow cake for right now though.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.
DMark (I actually know someone with that name, but he lives here)- I didn’t think about those details. I had all the stuff here in the kitchen, so it was a no hassle forty bucks, but I didn’t think to add all that other stuff in. Plus the home delivery- What Service!

Thanks Munch! I’m not a cake maker, but just a friendly neighborhood stay-at-home-mom who likes fooling around in the kitchen (although I do actually have a job that I go to occasionally :cool: )

missbunny- I think he did charge that cake to his company! It was a 9 inch 2 layer cake. I think I spent about $5.00, maybe $6.00 max, including box. I’m going to think about that pricing some more because that particular cake is very much better than a grocery store cake.

neuroman- Iknowwhatchamean. I couldn’t imagine or afford a $40.00 cake myself, so I was very suprised when he offered that.

I saw the lady this afternoon after school let out and she was hinting around for another cake. I told her about some I like to make, and I’m going to make on orange pound/bundt cake for her to see how she likes it (no charge). Maybe she can talk me up to some other folks and I could actually sell some sometimes! I took pictures of some of the cakes I’ve made (regular film) in the past. The kid faves were a three story “Hogwart’s Castle” and a “Children Sleeping In Bed Cake”.

Funny, I like making them but don’t eat them much.

So, are you going to post the recipe?
I love pudding-type icing. The traditional family birthday cake use it.


$40.00 for a cake? :eek:

Were you planning on jumping out of said cake, if you get my drift? :wink:

Maybe this is a regional thing, but in NY or LA or Las Vegas, you are NOT going to get a decent cake for much less than $40, unless you are talking about those store-bought, tasteless blobs where they might, if you ask nicely, write a name on it.

Now for a baker, this might sound like highway robbery, but for non-bakers, this is the going rate. And I would rather pay double for something good, than half the price for blahblah.

I am sure there is some guy out there shaking his head that some of us idiots actually PAY to have our car oil changed. It is all about service and the going rate - that’s what small business is all about.

I stopped feeling guilty and started saying thank you. I love making cakes and since I worked for years in a supermarket bakery I know how crappy that cake really is. That stuff comes in already baked and frozen. Improperly thawed cake is nasty - so is half thawed and refrozen cake!

People are willing to pay for something crafted just for them.

I am willing to pay for a woman to let me eat cake off her body. :wink:

Take that as you will :stuck_out_tongue:

$40.00 for a cake? Man, I still can’t get over that. Then again, I’m shelling out $2.50 a gallon for gas, so what the hell do I know?! :slight_smile:

I saw one of Oprah Winfrey’s “favorite things” shows a couple of years ago, and on that program there was a segment about a business two women ran where they baked pound cakes in their kitchen and put them in very beautiful and lavish hatboxes along with a posey of flowers and shipped them all over the country. The pound cake along with the flowers and the hat boxes made a beautiful presention and they were wonderful for gifts. People ordered them by phone or on the web and had them the next day, baked fresh to order.

I’m not sure what’s allowed here about posting links to business sites, but I think the name was “Nonnie’s Pound Cakes,” or something similar. A Google search of the name “Nonnie’s” along with “pound cake” should turn it up pretty easily. I think you’d be astounded at the money they get paid. Maybe you start doing something along the same line for yourself and really make your talents pay off.

Regards. :slight_smile:

So…were you going to post the recipe? :slight_smile: Beecause that sounds DELICIOUS!

So, when I was in college, me and a friend of mine were always baking cakes for dinner parties, birthdays, etc. We got this idea, which we never followed through on, that lots of people would like a cake for various small functions that are not necessarily overly formal. Small dinner parties, birthdays, work functions. We even had a slogan for our theoretical business (which I now bestow upon you): “Cakes for Small Occasions.”

We actually got stumped after looking into the legalities of home catering in our state and realizing that there was no way we could make our kitchen legal. There are many books available at the library that can walk you through getting started in a home catering business (of which cake baking is simply a specialized variety.) I think it could be a great money maker for you.

By the way, for all you aspiring bakers out there, check out a cookbook called 'The Cake Mix Doctor" (and the sequel, “The Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor”).

Just a note, the reason why bakers sell cake for $80 and you can sell it for $40 and still feel like you made a profit is because bakeries are officially licensed food vendors with all the hassle that this entails. You need to conform to all the local OH&S guidelines, regular health inspections, plus tricky things like no pets near your work place etc. If you do decide to get into it professionally, then be aware that it is a buisness and you should treat it as such.