I steal candy from autistic children

I’m a behavior therapist. This morning I took my three-year-old client trick-or-treating with his therapy group around to all the businesses in the area. I totally stole a packet of candy corn and some gummy fangs from his bucket.

He won’t miss them.

How would a behavior therapist assess your actions?

You realize you will burn in hell forever, right? :wink:

I took a Tootsie Roll out of my kid’s bucket. :smiley:

You monster! What are you? A Democrat?

Antecedent: Subject saw candy in a child’s bucket

Behavior: Subject took the candy from the child without asking

Consequence: None

Possible Function of Behavior: Access to Tangible

Sounds like you have Tootsie Roll Issues. :smiley:

I ate three pieces of my five year old’s Halloween gelt and I’m not sorry about it. She has pounds and pounds of the stuff.

She’s cute and clever. Her method of attack is to bat her baby blue eyes while mumbling a shy thank you. This enchants little old ladies who try to see if they can get to say anything else by handing over ever larger amounts of candy.


I gave my autistic cousin some candy earlier. I guess the karmic consequence just evens itself out.

It’s easier to steal from the autistic ones, they’re not as quick. :wink: