I support this online social network mob action

The mob rules!

I fully support this and hope more people follow suit. I’m already planning on a similar thing this weekend targeting my beloved local record store, Zia. They are a small regional chain that sells new & used CDs, vinyl LPs, DVDs, and video games. It would be a hoot to see them packed on a Sunday!

Is there a locally owned business that you would like to support? I think this would be great if people all over the country would take up this idea and run with it.

American Express does something called Small Business Saturday on the Saturday after Black Friday. They run all kinds of specials, they help small business out by giving them money towards advertising and lots of other stuff.

One of the new things they did this year was that if you went to small business, checked in with your smart phone on FourSquare and spent at least $20 on your linked Amex card, they would refund $20 back to your smart phone. Seems to good to be true, right? So when I noticed that, I ran home (there was no notice, they didn’t even let us merchants know about it), linked my Amex card to my FourSquare account, went to my favorite small business (Kopps Frozen Custard) and bought a $20 gift card. I figured if it worked, great. I got a free $20 gift card, if not, no biggie, I’ll use it up in two weeks. It worked. About 2 days later there was a credit on my Amex, from Amex, for $20. Go Amex!.
The way I see, not only were they promoting small businesses, they also paid me $20 to link my Amex card to my FourSquare account so they can run specials that way and get more people to use their card…but I’m fine with that. I use my card responsibly.

Even better, they ran the same deal the next week for $10, so I went back in and added $10 more to the gift card. So in the end Amex gave me $30 for free and a small business got $30 worth of sales (and then some since I got lunch on top of the gift card money I spent).

Unfortunately there is also a segment of American society that uses the Flash Mob concept to take over a store and rob it. I would hope when something positive is done for a local store, the store owner is made aware of the plan before the actual event.