I surf the Dope from my garage!

Oh man, this is cool! This is one of the fringe benefits of finally owning my own house–I can surf from the garage!

The girlfriend is out of town this weekend. All of the people I work with are A) Married, B) Old and not what you’d call “hip”, C) both “A” and “B”, or D) out of town too. Take any one of those, and I’m vegging at my place this weekend.

And this in and of itself is not a bad thing: this morning I went on a lumber run, bought a 10" Black & Decker mitre saw, 18 2x4s, and a chimnea, and am now sorting through my grandfather’s tools he left me with a nice fire to warm my garage. It’s definitely a manly weekend.

But I must admit, even with my Bob Vila-ness, never did I forsee the fact that I could tweak an antique wood plane and post to the Dope in the same five minutes and the same room.

Good times indeed. Anyone need any feeler gauges or glass cutters (I’ve got a plethora of 'em).

Oh yes, I smell like sawdust . . . again!

I love the smell of sawdust. Something about working with wood and the smell of a freshly planed or mitered hunk of wood is invigorating.

I feel I must turn up my nose at the Black & Decker saw though, but only because I used to work for them, so I know that they save all the good parts for the DeWALT line. The B&Ds get all the powdered metal and nylon stuff. (Well, DeWALT has its own share of powdered metal parts in some of their lower-end stuff, but there’s nary a nylon gear in sight) Mind you they’re fine for round-the-house work, but I wouldn’t go building an addition with one. :slight_smile: You can also make a cheap miter work like a pro with a good blade – a nice DeWALT or Freud blade can work wonders. You might pay half as much as the saw is worth for one, but you’ll change them a lot less frequently, and there’s a real sense of satisfaction feeling a blade rip through a 2x4 like it was a stick of soft butter.

Mindfield, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea B&D owned DeWalt, but that’s good to know. I’ve been using B&D for general round-the-house stuff for years with no problems now, but yeah, on the jobsite, the preference seems to be DeWalt.

But I did pick this one up on sale. Lowe’s had it for $189 marked down to $139 on sale. This thing saved me quite a bit in labor already today. . .

. . . especially since I couldn’t find my dang hand saw. :smack: :mad:

B&D are well on their way to being a MegaConglomerate. Two years ago they finalized a deal to buy out the Pentair Group, which means they added the Porter-Cable, Delta, and DeVilbiss brands to their lineup, which already included their own brand, DeWALT, Weiser Locks and Price-Pfister faucets. It’s actually the reason I was glad to get the hell away from that company – the new acquisition more than doubled my already-full workload and they refused to hire any more bodies for me.

Their consumer stuff isn’t too bad – it’s not built to last like it used to be, but for those occasional jobs they do just fine. I have a multitool that I drag out for occasions that I need it and it’s never failed to work for me. The battery dies too quickly under load, but it works.

That’s a pretty good price for one – was this a 10" or 12" model?

It was a 10" saw, which was enough for me to do what I gotta do around the house–rip down 2x4s, cut moulding, &ca.

Hey, a good deal is a good deal. Gotta strike while the iron is hot, ya know!

Yep. Bing bam boom, I’ve got a stud cut to length. I like the thing.

Black & Decker headquarters is less than 5 minutes away from me. Why is it you haven’t stopped in for coffee?

Partly because you’ve satisfied me with Tim’s of the North, and partly because you never return my phone calls when I truck up I-95 North from GA to NJ.

Really, I’m feeling your bitterness babe. I feel how cold it is. . .

Oh, so frigid . . .:stuck_out_tongue:

I worked out of the Mississauga branch and never got the opportunity to make it down to the Richmond Hill office. Frankly, I had no desire to, knowing the kind of bozos that worked there. (Yes, I loved working there, in case you couldn’t tell)

I just came in here to call you a lying bastard. Not ONCE have I failed to return one of your phone calls.

Oh yes, and :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you did. I accidentally dialed your number instead of someone else’s. The number I wanted was listed right underneath yours on my ‘cheatsheet’. Instead of being rude, I left a message.

You failed to return my call. But I’ll forgive you this time. It’s not like I can recieve calls in my garage–I haven’t rewired my Army surplus TA-954/TT for the civilian landline yet.

Oh, it is a sight to behold. 'Tis a garage of the Gods.

Are you SURE?

I think you must have dialed my mom’s. Dave says no messages from you.