I Swallow My Gum -- Why Disgusting?

I almost always swallow gum! Drives BF mad (he spits it out the car window as we go along!) He goes “you’ve swallowed that gum haven’t you”, “I might have” I say, “there’s no might about it you have!” he goes…I mean it just slips down there so easily, when you are chewing it it is so delightfully gooey and gummy, it just has to be swallowed! and I have suffered no ill effects whatsoever even though bf sternly warns that I will get laxative effects and no doubt lots of other horrific things blah blah.

Maybe I am wierd or something but I am pleased to know I’m not alone in my gum swallowing! (it’s the only way to do it!)

I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t chew gum, I eat it, like you would with any candy. Never thought it wierd. My 7 year old son is the same way.

Doc Paprika, it truly bothers me that professional nurses buy that old wives’ crap that gum will stay in your stomach for seven years, or that it will block your gut! I’d be afraid of those nurses looking after my patients…LOL
Lorie (a nurse) :stuck_out_tongue:

SuperLorie, I got one better. Mommie Dearest (a professional nurse) used to tell me that swallowed chewing gum would lodge in your appendix! :smiley:

Boy am I glad I cleaned my contact lenses. You can guess what I thought the title of this thread was. The fact that I continued to open it is equally disturbing.