I Swallow My Gum -- Why Disgusting?

I like gum. Sometimes I chew it at work. And when I’m done, I swallow it. To my mind, this is far less disgusting than putting it in the garbage. I don’t do that with most other foods.

Yet, the nurses I work with find it disgusting I swallow gum, largely since they were taught not to. I’ve had professional nurses tell me it will stay in my guts for seven years or block my stomach. When did this hang-up get started? Does it disgust you that I swallow my gum?

Yes. We’re all thinkin’ “Juicy Fruit Poop.”

Gum doesn’t taste as good the second time round.

Cecil sez it won’t hurt you.

The reason the nurses find the habit disgusting is that swallowing running against the norm. You can return to normalcy by always placing it underneath a chair or table.

To your credit, at least you haven’t been swallowing someone else’s gum.

You can blow your nose on your dinner napkin and eat your boogers too without coming to mortal harm, it’s just not particularly good form in polite company.

While not deadly I don’t think the interaction of the polyterpenes and polyvinyl acetate used as a gum base ingredient in the gum’s manufacturing process and the stong acids of your stomach are going to be particulary benefical for you as it travels through your body, but hey, if gum eating is your thing live it up Doc!

I wish every gum chewer would swallow their gum rather than spit it out on the sidewalk where I can (and usually do) step on
it. :eek: Yuck!

You know how it gets stuck up in the treads of your shoe… :frowning:

I can envision a large pink bubble coming out your arse when you pass the proverbial gas, though.


I swallowed quite bit of gum as a kid, and a small amount of paper. Hey…maybe I could produce a wrapped stick of old gum if only I had the muscular control to do so… :eek:

It doesn’t bother me—I swallow my gum, too. In fact, I have a hard time chewing bum without swallowing it, sort of just happens automatically, not “when I’m done with it”.

Chewing bum?

Oh my!


I swallow gum and I’m damn proud of it!

Ahhh, typos. :smiley:

I have always swallowed my gum, and sometimes not intentionally, as ericlover said.

I do think it is disgusting* to spit it out the window, as I see so many people do.

  • But then, I smoke cirgarettes! Go figure!

As a child, I was told not to swallow my gum, because my mother was afraid I would choke on it.

(I usually swallow my gum as well)

I always swallow my gum as well. Other people have said that it’s gross, and I reply with, “well, to me it’s a hell of a lot grosser to see someone take a chewed up wad of blubby stuff from their mouth, wrap it up with paper, oozing out the sides, and throw it out.”

That usually stops them. :smiley:

What!? You swallow your own…
…oh. You said Gum.

I’m a doctor’s son, so the “7 year” old wives tale never stuck at our house. I swallow it in bits. I have seen the end result…it looks pretty much the same.

It stays in your stomach for 7 years?
What did it do, bring it’s own kettle and invoke “squatters rights” or something?


Yeah, sure it was a typo, erislover.