I swallowed a sharp part of my tooth. Could this bite me in the ass later?

Title says it all really.

I was eating a cookie when I broke a sharp piece off the side of my molar (about 1/3 of the tooth). I didn’t know this until after I swallowed the mouthful, and ran my tongue over the tooth and actually cut it on the sharp remaining edges.

So, could this be potentionally harmful when it passes through my system?

I’m guessing the swallowed piece is just as sharp as the remaining tooth.

Need answer fast, kinda…

Unlikely. It won’t be very big, or very sharp, and if it would cause any damage anywhere it would be in the soft tissues of the throat, which it would’ve been cushioned from by the food it was accompanying, and you’d feel it now if it had done anything there.

However, a damaged tooth could potentially be a problem for other reasons, not least of which is nerve exposure.

GuanoLad gave a pretty good answer, so I’ll just use my post to respectfully nominate you for “Best Thread Title Evah” award.

Another vote for Best Thread Title - made me chuckle, it did.

Your stomach acids will disolve it. But you should see a dentist pronto.

Stomach acids dissolve teeth? Ignorance fought if true.

Oh, yeah. Bulimics typically have eroded enamel and more cavities than others.

I know that, but worded badly. I am thinking about a tooth or a chunk of one actually dissolving on it’s short one-way trip through the digestive tract.