I swear the T.V. is listening to us.

A couple of times the fiancee and I have been watching tv and one of us will say someting and the t.v. will reply to us.

The most recent example happened last night when we were working out (P90X).

The girlie: Where does my right arm go?
T.V.: Your right arm goes on the floor.

That reminded me of the time in December when we were watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. During commercials they were selling their Christmas cd. Carl was talking about what songs were on there.

The girlie: Is this for real?
T.V.: Yes it’s real!

I answered a Cash Cab question and Ben told me I just won a hundred dollars.

I never got it though…

Bound to happen from time to time.

The weirdest incident like this that I remember was one Saturday morning in the late nineties. Still being in my twenties, I was in recovery mode and having my coffee while listening to a classical program on the CBC.

My thoughts were running on about how good the coffee smelled, and that in general, smells tended to be more pleasant and stimulating in the morning. Coffee, campfire, whatever - kind of an affirming return-to-consciousness, blah blah blah. (I was in my twenties, sue me.) Anyway, this line of thought recalled to me that line in Apocalypse Now!.

Simultaneously, the announcer did something that really doesn’t happen on Radio Two: she spoke over the music, right in the middle: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

There was no reason for her to say this. (She definitely wasn’t playing Wagner, I think it was Beethoven.) Startled, I said out loud: “Stop that!”

Without a beat, she said “Sorry, Larry, I couldn’t help it,” and the music carried on.


The “Sorry, Larry” is explained by the happenstance that the program was produced by one “Larry Szabo.” I have no idea where the napalm comment came from, though - it seemed utterly random.

Very weird little moment of synchronicity for one listener, for sure.