I sweat a lot in my sleep

One time I woke up and was totally soaked…and so was my GF. Recently it has just been like a fine sweat on my legs all night. Anything I should be concerned about?

You think sleeping with another person under several blankets might have anything to do with it?

Night sweats? Hmmmm. I thought that only women got them?

Sounds fun!

If it happens often you may have a disorder known as Hyperhidrosis which includes excessive sweating and facial blushing. http://www.hyperhidrosisinfo.com

Have you had your BP checked lately? IIRC, this is one of the early signs of hypertension.

Sweating at night is a symptom. It can be due to many things. Often it is due to sleeping under too many blankets in a too warm room, in which case it means nothing.

Then again, it could be a symptom of infection. TB is the classic disease that presents with cough, weight loss, fevers, chills, and night sweats. Minus the cough, and you have various viral illnesses, including HIV, and various cancers… Night sweats without any other symptoms is probably benign.

HYPERHIDROSIS is the name for a disorder characterized by excessive sweating and nothing else…it should manefest with sweating at other times besides just when you are sleeping, but I suppose it could present only during sleep. In any case, HYPERHIDROSIS is a descriptive term that really doesn’t satisfy the desire for precise diagnosis…kind of like “anemia.”

Happens to me, too, and it’s gross! I hate sweat with a mighty passion. It’s just as gross to me as, say, having urine all over my body. I hate it!

I get them too, and have for years. Boy, do they suck. It’s like peeing the bed out of every pore in your body. When I get them I have to go to the bathroom to get a clean towel to lay down just to go back to sleep.

Like Neurodoc said, they could be due to any number of things, anything from a stress to a minor infection to HIV. Something is putting stess on your body as you sleep. With me, it turns out it’s most likely sleep apnea, i.e. I occasionally forget to breathe when I sleep. Best bet, if it persists over time, consult a doctor to determine what may be the cause. Solidarity, my sweaty brother-


If there isn’t a specific medical cause, what fabrics for sheets/pilowcases are the best bet? I’m assuming anything with a polyester blend won’t “breathe” as well as pure cotton, but what about silk, satin or flannel? If the OP’s gonna sweat no matter what, he may as well try to minimize his discomfort.

Maybe even sprinkling the sheets with talcum powder would help. Or installing a ceiling fan and running it at low speed to help with evaporation.

Thanks for all your input everyone. Sailor, yeah I think it could have something to do with her being in bed with me. She always seems really warm, but it does happen even when she is not there. The other thing that is weird when it is really bad and I am totally soaked, if I get up to get a towel or go to the bathroom, I dry off VERY quickly by just getting out of bed. No towel or anything…just air dry. O well. I dont think its serious, its just sort of annoying

I would think that your sheets would soak up the water. Maybe you could try some pure cotton ones?