I think i am going to be sick! [Jim Marshall pardon]


Jim Marshall was cleared of all guilt in a 1991 drug conviction.
“Clean bill of health” what a crock of shit.
Mr. Marshall didn’t even do any time, 5 years probation!

Oh that right, it was only 2 pounds of cocaine, what was i thinking?

It’s a question, but I’m not sure there’s a factual answer.

Rants belong in the Pit. Moved.

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A few things.

First, as the Governor said in this story:

I find it hard to get too worked up about this just because the guy was a football player.

Second, a search of Google news articles like the one linked above, and this one, and your own linked article, make no mention of how much cocaine Marshall had, and i was quite skeptical of the idea that someone busted with two pounds of cocaine would do no jail time. Having access to a Lexis-Nexis account, i did a search of articles from the early 1990s, and found an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune (January 19, 1992), which had this to say:

That’s about two ounces, douchebag, not two pounds.

Not an insignificant amount, admittedly, but still not two pounds. And even back in 1992, only about a year after his arrest, the paper also said:

I see no point in forcing him to continue to pay for that mistake almost two decades ago, especially when one of his reasons for seeking the pardon was to allow him to travel in support of a non-profit foundation designed to help kids stay away from drugs.

Lame rant.

No beat…can’t dance to it.

I just can’t get outraged over this guy receiving a pardon especially after reading everything mhendo posted. He’s trying to make the world a better place.

He made a mistake. Get over yourself.

RO scale rating: 0.0000001. I want the last two minutes of my life back.

So, so weak and lacking. Additionally, the OP misrepresents the case disastruously.

To ease the OP’s psyche, Marshall has not been pardoned for his part in the Viking’s horrid SuperBowl showings nor for not knowing which way to run with the ball.

No he wasn’t. According to the Supreme Court in Burdick v. United States, accepting a pardon carries an implicit admission of guilt:

Gbro, please use descriptive thread titles. I have edited your title accordingly.

Err… do you also have a beef with his doctors?

No, a lame rant is where the OP fails to make their case, or does rather puts forward their case in a particularly poor manner.

Due to the outstanding research you did in your post, I think we can conclude that not only did the OP fail to make a case, there is, in fact, no case to even be made here.

This, my friend, is a bullshit rant.

But he did drugs!

And must be tough on crime or people might think we have small weiners.

Everybody does drugs. Caffine, prescriptions, alcohol, nicotine. He was doing illegal drugs. That is different. (for some reason)

Good on the governor for pardoning someone who was busted for something that probably shouldn’t be illegal in the first place.

Sure, the guy did some drugs in his past, but now works with youth groups in the inner city. Huh. What an asshole.

Maybe the OP thinks he should be punished for being in the Super Bowl four times, and never winning it.

No laws against that, of course, so an unrelated drug bust might just fill the need for retribution.

Looks like we’ll never know, as the OP doesn’t seem to have any desire to come back to his own thread and defend his position.