I think i'm addicted to grapefruit juice.

I suddenly can’t get enough of the stuff…i’ve never really been a fan of juice or even fruit, but something about grapefruit juice ( a new discovery for me) and it’s wonderfull acidic aftertast has me drinking it constantly. Any other closet grapefruit juice lovers?

I go through phases where I love the stuff. And I’ll drink so much of it so often that I end up with a blister on the roof of my mouth. Then I stop drinking it for at least six months or so until I can’t stand wanting some again.

One of the drugs I take has a warning about not eating grapefruit while taking the drug. The pharmacist actually gave me the 3rd degree about my citrus habits when I last refilled, too.

My answer, with appropriately copped attitude of disdain: “Giving up grapefruit for Zocor is a no-brainer. Giving up my beer for Actos was a problem…”

Grapefruit? Blech.

I make a funny face when I eat or drink grapefruit juice. My face is funny enough already, thankyouverymuch.