I think I'm getting addicted to Mexican

I’m serious. Every time I get hungry, my thoughts immediately turn to delicious Chimichangas and Fajitas. It’s food I generally afford, but I admit I really, really want to eat it a lot. OK, it’s partly because we don’t have much else to eat (my fridge, despite occaisional restocking is definitely not very full.)

Man, am I hopeless or what? Mhhmm… I bet a nice enchilada would pick me up right about now…

What you need is to get addicted to a nice Mexican. Then you’ll have him or her to cook for you whenever you want.

Just look into how unhealthy most of it is and imagine your arteries clogging and your weight going up, that should slow you down a bit.

Didn’t seem to stop me today.

Mmm, enchiladas. They make me feel all light and swooney. And numb on the left side.

Seems to me that the Mexican food I enjoy the most (though I dont eat meat, so this may factor in) is some of the most healthy food around, at least compared to burger joints, Chinese food, pizza…

I guess it makes a big difference on what specific things you end up ordering, but I love Mexican food as well, and feel its actually a healthy choice for me.

Develope a taste for different kinds of hot sauces and growing your own peppers and cilantro…it will keep you happy and busy for years :slight_smile:

Everyone needs priorities! I respect a person who sticks with theirs :wink:

I love Mexican food too. There’s an awesome place just down the street from me and I probably go there too much but it is soooo good. Their chile relleno’s are heavenly.

I’ll stick to my priorities. Much in the same way that jack cheese is sticking to my arteries.

Taco bell.
Repeat. Repeat Repeat.
Eventually you’ll get sick of that crap. It may take days, but it’ll happen.

Taco Bell ain’t Mexican.

There’s a Mexican joint here in Maryland Heights, MO, that’s okay (uneven quality, but good service), but when I lived in Garland, TX, Sol’s was the place to go. I lived on lower Duck Creek, and could easily walk to Sol’s. I may have put one of his kids through college.

As you can see from the map, Audubon Park, which is a good sized sports complex, is right across the street. The best advertising Sol’s does is to just open the front doors and let the heavenly aroma of fresh-cooked Tex-Mex waft across W. Oates into Audubon Park.

If you’re in the DFW east metro, get to Sol’s. You won’t regret it.

I think that is what Ro0sh is getting at. Having the OP gorge himself on Taco Bell would be like negative reinforcement training – helping him break his newfound addiction to mexican food.

Won’t work for me though. Living in Austin, I would have to pass by half a dozen fabulous tex mex places before I got to a Taco Bell. Not gonna happen.

Yeah, but if you limit your exposure to about once a month you can go decades!

Pace yourself man, pace yourself.

I will have my say. Nobody else’s opinion matters from this point on.

The BEST mexican food you can get is in San Antonio, TX.

’Nuff said, dammit.

Even better than food actually across the border in Mexico. Even SA’s fast food version (Taco Cabana and many others) don’t compare, but the drunks at 3 AM don’t bitch about it much.

I dare anybody to prove me wrong. Cites and personal experiences required (with references).

Example: There used to be this place called “Antonio’s” in Windcrest in SA. It was just up the road (from Walzem Road, I don’t remember) from Windsor Park Mall. This was a family restaurant that had about 30 different plate combos but would put whatever you wanted on the plate. Great for moms with picky kids.

The food was excellent. And the people were great.

Anybody else got any stories?

(QUALIFIER: Your mother’s cooking doesn’t count.)

This is what I meant. And hey, billfish, I didn’t I WAS giving up the Bell. :smiley: I did make that mistake above though once… Now though, I pace myself because it’s often the only thing open still at 2am…